8 Ball Pool‏ for Android
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  • clubfred

    clubfred StIlL tHe BoMb! I don't play games at all...ever! Except for this one. Would have 5 stars if it didn't need to "wait for server response" so often. Recommend to take 8 Ball Pool APK.

  • afields

    afields Disappointed! I loved this game, i loved beating people, taking there coins and made 150 million... Now i cant even play a tournament without it shutting down and putting me back on my home screen. Games getting uninstalled, very disappointed. Recommend to take 8 Ball Pool APK.

  • amandakatlyn22

    amandakatlyn22 #playing-with-friends Pretty good! I like the game in general. But, I don't care for the freeze ups and the slop playing. Or the fact that I cannot play with friends when they challenge get me. If that gets fixed I may give 5 stars .

  • lorajanice

    lorajanice #playing-a-game LG Optimus G + Polaroid tablet! Game was excellent to play. However, now (1) GAME sometimes TIMES YOU OUT inappropriately .... (2) GAME repeatedly disconnects from internet...when all my other toys (tv, tablet, xbox) are fine accessing the www (3) wish the communication via players was not ALL preselected texts, then you could let opponent know you have issues beyond YOUR control.

  • MichaelsFlowerGirl

    MichaelsFlowerGirl Problem! Problem on 1 on 1 - > Moscow, when I'm waiting for a game, sometimes it pops up saying not enough coins for no REASON and I have plenty of coins.

  • 2100mhz

    2100mhz No connection :(! I m on level 96 , in the beginning when I downloaded this game it run smoothly and was connecting to my fb account ,but now it is not connecting. Can u plz help me solving this prblm of fb connection. .. waiting 4 ur response !

  • SKoech

    SKoech Time machine! This game is SERIOUSLY bad for your health. Ur mental health that is. Super addictive. Three things i hate about it tho are #1 Nearly everytime i get thru to the final of A tournament it freezes and ruins my chance of win.I hav lost ten+ frames coz of this.#2 Time limit is not long enough. #3 Cue control on my small screen (galaxy ace) is frustratingly jumpy. Fix these then 5 stars is a given. Overall tho i love the principle. Please keep workin to make this game as good as it can be.

  • adriana_well

    adriana_well #sports-game Freezes up ALOT! Not able to move cue ball or stick. Only thing u ...! Freezes up ALOT! Not able to move cue ball or stick. Only thing u can do is select options and then the opponent is allowed yo play...comes back yo u amf nothing again. Fix that anf I'll give it 5 stars. Good stuff!

  • bogdanaa

    bogdanaa Was ..a Great pool app! It was a great pool app recently it has started to lag before all the new updates I put down 5 stars to 2 fix please it and i shall put it back to 5 =) also on another note I played a tournament I had loads of time when I finally pot the black it said I ran out of time?? Wtf??!! Another bug issue

  • tngator

    tngator Almost five stars! A glitch where i cnt do ntthing nd time runs out happens to me sometimes aswel. I just lock my phone and unlock quick but that still uses valuable shot time

  • Insight

    Insight Good game need to fix some problems! Theres a bug/glitch that jeeps happening to me where I cant move my cue or adjust power or anything but the time is still running and because of this I have lost alot of games includkng a tournament which costs 3grand to enter. Please fix

  • Nimisha

    Nimisha Lg! Great game think they should be more saying when.u playing game than the ones that's there

  • solutions4u

    solutions4u Fun app, but still needs some work.! This is a fun and addictive app, but there are some fixes and changes that could be made. One is that I've been kicked out of a tournament for no reason. While in play and message popped up saying I got run from the game and it exited. Second the ability to send personalized messages to opponents would be nice or at least opponents in your friends list. Also aiming is a bit glitchy. Sliding across the screen sometimes gets no cue movement. Doesn't matter what device I'm using.

  • shani325

    shani325 Good game but has real problems like saying you havent taken your turn when ...! Good game but has real problems like saying you havent taken your turn when you have, game freezes but time still counts down until you lose your turn. Not happy