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General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd

aa هو "نعم" التطبيق للهواتف الروبوت & اللوحية.

( 839,114 )
الإصدار: 1.6.1
حجم: 7.4M


أأ هو "مرحبا العالم" التطبيق للهواتف أندرويد وأقراص.

أي أأ مثل ثعبان على الهاتف الطوب القديم، هو أساسي.

اليدوية في أستراليا،
التكيف عامة

إذا هو لم تنشر من قبل عامة التكيف تطبيقات بي تي واي المحدودة - انها ليست أأ أصيلة وأصلية. لا ينخدع الحيوانات المستنسخة. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول aa

  • OgnjenDJ

    OgnjenDJ Its OK there are a lot of advertising on it which makes me hate the game even more. If there were no ads its would be a 5 star easily Great job

  • elnrich33

    elnrich33 Love the game, hate the ads Way too many ads now...that my have the ones at the bottom of the screen and then every couple of levels/deaths there are the full screen ones that are hell to get rid of Omg

  • psulsimpson

    psulsimpson Good game.... It's a good game but it can be better, I started playing this game like a week ago. It's really addictive and in 2 or 3 days I got to level 50. But I'm stuck on that level, and it get's boring doing the same thing and failing on that same level:-(There are also too many ADS ( And it's been 4 or 5 days since I tried playing the game again..) So please fix...:-) Brilliant

  • insurance72

    insurance72 AA ( the best game ever ) Love this app get this app it's the best app ever well best game ever got this app in 1 day I can get up 2 leave 8 so I'm 1 week (5 days) I can get up to leacal 40 wow that's a lot get this app NOW it's the best Surprisingly

  • malorie9

    malorie9 Damn this Game. I can't stop playing. Just one more try. As i lie to myself. Want to smack the person that introduced me to it. LOL 5 star

  • EnubWriguri

    EnubWriguri Yah This is a fun game that engages your brain and is good for all ages! The only thing is it gets a little frustrating after a while! Enjoy it!

  • spaseTeta

    spaseTeta Like the game but the ads every two seconds are so frustrating, makes me want to stop playing the game Marvelous

  • Ainslielx

    Ainslielx Addicted. My 13 year old daughter is obsessed with the game but when I tried it she got me kinda addicted too lol ;p love it

  • PJohnson44

    PJohnson44 Lovesvit This is like you have someone's life in your own hands its really cool I love this game but 1through 100 I would pick 99 cause it sorts glitches Not bad

  • krowmarkworkwear

    krowmarkworkwear Time consuming ☺ This game is fantastic and it takes up time when your bored and I don't THINK it needs wifi. Recommend

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