Accu​Battery - البطارية for Android

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  • carpinteyrorqr

    carpinteyrorqr ممتاز جداً تقريبا افضل البرامج لو تخف فية الواجهات افضل كثرتها تضيعك وتشتتك اكثر شيء الناس تدور عمر البطارية ولماتلقها تكون لفيت صفحات كثيرة

  • thecrystalball

    thecrystalball انصح بي تحميله شكرآ على المجهودات القائمةعلي هاد التطبيق

  • associlin

    associlin تطبيق رائع لكنه يحتوي على مصطلحات علمية المرجو توضيحها ليس لاجلي لكن التطبيق يحاور مختلف طبقات المجتمع يعني للاحتياط فقط

  • Alisaroy

    Alisaroy والله ي جماعة الخير انه برنامج رووووعة انتوا حملوا البرنامج واحكموا ماراح تخسرون شي

  • virtualofficestucson

    virtualofficestucson لا تنسى ذكر الله سبحان الله والحمدلله ولا اله الا الله والله اكبر.

  • tkhan19

    tkhan19 اشكر مصمم البرنامج واقول اهتمو بخصوصية الناس بلا ما تعرفو شوفي صور عند الناس لانو عيب

  • petchamber

    petchamber Good app but alarm is way too low Many good features but the most important to saving battery life is the alarm at 80%charge. This didn't work on my Samsung Note 4 but support identified the problem and will fix it on next update. Very responsive support. Superb!

  • webcom01

    webcom01 LOTS of information I had a battery app that I had used for years but got more info from the early beta version of this and it just keeps getting better with every update. Keep up the good work! Must have

  • williammahery

    williammahery I've been using the app for a few days and I like it as it seems very fact based but the foreground app section and capacity estimate section don't work. The foreground app section has said "Waiting for data..." the whole time. *update* After restarting and re running the tutorial all the features work. Amazing!

  • Jillmaceachern

    Jillmaceachern Charging current on Nexus 5 There is no information displayed for the charging current on stock Android 6.0.1. Is there something I've missed? Update: After restarting the application it measures correctly. Just wow


    WIPTONY Great app! Great app but alas it looks like Note 4 is not supported. Health tab is blank and on other tabs lots of values are 0. Nevertheless, got the premium version as the is app is a good job. Edit: and restart app worked! Note 4 is supported Works perfectly

  • isvawtzznq

    isvawtzznq Not fully functioning I've been using the app for a few days and I like it as it seems very fact based but the foreground app section and capacity estimate section don't work. The foreground app section has said "Waiting for data..." the whole time. Must have

  • cardetailingperth1

    cardetailingperth1 App usage is stuck on waiting for data. Also could you please add some customization features to to notification? EDIT 10: Sent an email Good

  • Coloneesereib

    Coloneesereib Has a lot of potential and could be a really interesting app. After a day of usage with a couple of charge / discharge events, I still have zeros in Battery Capacity Estimate and Battery Health, but I'm guessing this may be due to an incompatibility with Nougat. Great!

  • aquapra

    aquapra Not a gimmick Tracks deeper battery stats to see what is draining it quickly. Helps keep charge cycles in check Marvelous

  • lorileegillooly

    lorileegillooly Lots of potential But there's a few features that aren't working. It can't detect the mAh at all for one. Also it can't detect screen on time. Fabulous!

  • thefamily

    thefamily Love it I love all the data I get and how much I can make my battery last based in the data. Thanks! Worth it!

  • randy809

    randy809 It can measure the real battery capacity As title indicated, it measures the battery capacity using the charging information. But I don't know if it is accurate or not. Pretty good

  • sindee75

    sindee75 Great at its core The functionality and information is great. I would like to see some customization options though. For example the type of information in the notification panel; remaining hours instead of discharge. And the persistent icon in the notification bar annoys me a lot. I already have a battery icon, no need for another. Overall, settings and customization are really missing, something that can make the app perfect imo. Works perfectly

  • nashoes

    nashoes The estimated battery capacity on my 3000 mah battery for the LG G3 is currently at 1200% and rising everytime I charge it. Something like 37000 mah... Is this a bug or what? The battery is an after market one from Anker. Edit: Yes I have calibrated it a few times now. I'll send the screenshots to the support email address. Recommend