Ace of Arenas for Android

Gaea Mobile Limited
Ace of Arenas الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد
  • AndyPad

    AndyPad Network disconnected Sometimes, in Vietnam, with good network status, I login game normally, but it hang off at waiting screen. After 1 minute, it show error dialog: "Server disconnected". So hard to login. Superb!

  • monicac

    monicac can't play this very good game. I can't play, and I just stopped after loading, and nothing action, please please repair that, my device use 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROOM, my processor is snapdragon, 1,7 GHz. please. fix it love it

  • xTorrentyzadarmo

    xTorrentyzadarmo It's Amazing, but The Servers... This game has so many new and unique features that I love. I'm just starting out but I'm loving it so far. The only problem I've been having is connecting to the 5v5 and even the smaller 3v3 matches. I would wait a good 20 min for a 5v5 match in were my team gets dominated because the connections are bad. If you could just focus and fix the servers and matchmaking it would be a perfect game. Brilliant

  • davisvega820

    davisvega820 Awesome! I like the graphics, the champions, the HUD, the easy control, EVERYTHING!! Seriously, it's amazing. But I have a request. Can you guys make the cross-save function? I want to play at my android device when my iphone is charging (to avoid the damage of battery). Anyway, good job! XD Perfect!

  • Kemnrary

    Kemnrary Best of the best Best moba game u can find on android platform. Loved it. Surprisingly

  • nfuuddd

    nfuuddd Always lost connection Even i have a good connection always disconnecting..sometimes in the middle of my game it always know ur game has the smoothes control than other MOBA i love it..please fix it..ur game has better control than HOC..but always lost connection even i use wifi..please fix..and can u add chat mode or chat room?...THANK YOU Awesome

  • Coickylucky

    Coickylucky Fair-game Graphic is not the best among Moba, i love the map ,but char design not really good,gameplay slow u should give faster reaction,hit effect etc u know add some AR.. well i rate 4*, and that loading screen on start up u really need to work on it u know like server disconnected notice everytime i try to login its annoying... Superb!

  • pletchertbd

    pletchertbd Did I Got Scammed? *Editted* Impressed!!!Your Customer Service And The Staff Helps Me Alot! You Guys Deserve 5 Stars.Really Amazing.THANKS ALOT GUYS Great job

  • pletcherxer

    pletcherxer Reminds Me Of LoL Great and fantastic game. Haven't played a Game like this in a while. It's fun. It reminds me of league of legends. Just one recommendation, can you pls put description on abilities or roles per hero or champion thanks Cool

  • susumurah

    susumurah LEGIT Just a suggest, can y'all add the rankmatch mode, (like mmr in dota) so we the pro's didn't have to got mad coz we got the sustain on the prfct draft team. Is that what it's spelled with Just wow

  • Steespath

    Steespath Gameplay What happened with the offline mode? Recommend

  • idolmedibliow

    idolmedibliow Too much in balance and bug issues. I can understand the bugs. Programming is hard and can be quite finnky. There are too many overpowered champions and some are just left in the dust to rot Works great

  • johniegentry1213

    johniegentry1213 It does what mobas do It's gameplay is great and if your deep into PC gaming on this level you would get it. However, just staring the game it's not friendly on explaining items or champions. I'd say leave this one for tablets. Cool

  • scottieholde410

    scottieholde410 I would love to give 5stars but its always force closing saying my account was logged in on another device Brilliant

  • cymnKeerdenna

    cymnKeerdenna sad to say there is no completely offline mode the only offline mode is the 1v1 vs bots. i really regret that i updated this game. i really love offline mode since the game is so smooth and not laggy. because it always says that connection time out . please i would give five star if you would reupdate this game and has offline mode completely offline mode and doesnt need any connection in logging in. 5 star

  • owelsdroddefe

    owelsdroddefe Great game..... Only thing.... Great game..... Only thing I recommend is that they add an enhanced tutorial explaining how the finer details of stat and stat effects. Awesome

  • briegeZet

    briegeZet S6 Edge You guys are good at looking on your customers complaint. youve done a great job and i still hope that everything will be fixed. offline mode is very much appreciated especially for some remote areas. Keep up the good work. This is the best Moba game so far in Android. Marvelous

  • PanCracyVHY

    PanCracyVHY Congradulations Developers I've been enjoying this game for weeks now , I really like the way you guys develoled this game , it has smooth controles , good Graphics and everything that a MOBA should have . What makes this game unique is that it inspired by one of most known MOBAs such as Dota and League legends and I like it very much. If I had to rank this MOBA out of all mobile MOBAs , I'd rank this number #2 , don't get me wrong but this game has the potential to be Number 1# Mobile Moba. Enjoy it!

  • pradiella

    pradiella About the offline mode Are you taking back offline mode in the future because my friend keeps asking it but he does not know how to contact you so i decided to do it for him... but pls do put back its realy fun Muito bom!

  • RonsLooro

    RonsLooro Well made Lots of characters, but you have to buy them with in game money to be able to use whenever you want, which I have no problem with. Great graphics, tense matches. I wish there were more maps, some bigger, some smaller. The projectiles that follow you are a bit op, as they are almost impossible to avoid, and the que times are sometimes really long (10-30min) but other than that, well done. Good