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الإصدار: 1.2
حجم: 910k


"Acttivador: الانترنت انبا" هو أداة مصممة للحفاظ على جهازك في الوضع النشط ترك الشاشة سوداء لحفظ البطارية.

يساعد ايضا على الحفاظ على COC على الانترنت لمنعهم من مهاجمة قريتك.

يمكنك الاحتفاظ بك نشط جهاز كونها عميلة لمدة 60 دقيقة.

هذه الأداة تحتوي على الإعلانات.

نصائح لاستخدام التطبيق:

1 فتح Acttivador.
2 افتح التطبيق الذي تريد أن تبقي نشطة.
تمكين 3 Acttivador الضغط على زر التشغيل [►].

ومن المهم أن لا تتحول ولا قفل الجهاز.
لتسهيل استخدام التطبيق، يمكنك تحريكه حتى تقريبا قبالة الشاشة. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Acttivador: COC online

  • xjjuck

    xjjuck Does exactly what it's suppose to This app will keep clash of clans from timing out up to an hour I like it very useful it deserves 5 stars but if the timer was adjustable it would be awesome maybe 4 hour limit Well done!!

  • RarmOracymn

    RarmOracymn Awesome! Just follow instructions and u will not be raided for 1 hour. Some people r so stupid to follow simple intructions. This works perfectly! Highly Recommend.

  • flkdsajflkaj

    flkdsajflkaj I dont know? If i activate it no one will attack my village even without wi-fi?? Help me please ill rate it 5 stars Worth a go!

  • CarrieMartin

    CarrieMartin Works 100% If youre complaining that this is fake, then try to read the description of this app for you to know on how to use this. For those clashers who didnt know how this works, if you leave ur village w/o touching the screen, youll recieve the "Anyone there?" Bubble message and youll be prone to attackers right?Well, this app prevents that "Anyone there?" Bubble message , it keeps your village active even if youre not touching or moving the screen

  • wilshireLaw

    wilshireLaw Very good but need longer time This app isn't only for coc but can be also used at other platforms. I hope the developer can increase the time of activating.

  • johnmayer02

    johnmayer02 Love it If your all mad that it doesnt work your using it wrong this is because you have to be on clash of clans while running the app meaning dont leave the app or it wont work...If you didnt know this the game will run for like 2 minutes with you being afk and with this this keeps you on for 60 minutes for afk and when your on you never get raided dah so thats it have fun enjoy the app

  • jayturn

    jayturn Great This aap realy works but one question if my 60 minutes are over how can i use them again and thanks for solving my problem

  • rgage1967

    rgage1967 Turn Off Means ?? what do you mean by turn off??could i turn the screen off when i active this app and will it work in clash of clans

  • findadkids

    findadkids I have one doubt!! I like this app.but I don't know how to use and what are uses of this app??please clear my doubt

  • forumseo

    forumseo Good I just think if everyone started to use this app then. ..... no one could attack OMG

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