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Adobe Fill & Sign الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد

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الإصدار: 1.3.0
حجم: 5.3M


ملء وتوقيع أي شكل. حتى التقاط صورة لشكل ورقي لملء.

مع أدوبي التعبئة وتسجيل، يمكنك تشغيل على الفور الملفات الرقمية أو المستندات الورقية إلى النماذج التي يمكن أن تملأ، توقع وترسل الكترونيا. لا الطباعة أو الفاكس الحاجة.

الملامح الرئيسية:

- النماذج الورقية مسح مع الكاميرا أو فتح ملف من البريد الإلكتروني
- انقر لإدخال نص أو علامة في مربع في حقول النموذج
- تعبئة النماذج بشكل أسرع مع النص قابلة لإعادة الاستخدام من جمع التدوين الآلي الخاص بك
- سهولة إنشاء توقيعك مع إصبعك أو قلم
- تطبيق توقيعك أو بالاحرف الاولى على وثائق
- حفظ النماذج وإرسالها إلى الآخرين عبر البريد الإلكتروني تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
محرر pdf على الانترنت, pdf إلى word, أدوبي أكروبات

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تعليقات حول Adobe Fill & Sign

  • roebylee

    roebylee provide ability to fill even document forms this app is only able to fill pdf forms but most of the forms are of. doc extension so there must be a feature to fill. doc forms also Fabulous!

  • newvoucher

    newvoucher Awesome It has been nothing short of great so far. Expect nothing less than that from Adobe. Convenient. Good

  • reigita_anggreiny

    reigita_anggreiny Close, but needs refining A handy app, but I immediately ran into a problem. The mode for filling fixed-pitch boxes is neat, but doesn't work when trying to fill on the RH side of a form - the handle hits the side of the page and the whole text wraps, WTF?? You've either got to allow the handle to hang off the RH side, or flip the handle to the left when working on the RH side of the screen. How did you manage to miss that one? Good

  • jabgabeFeedly

    jabgabeFeedly Great app But it needs the rotating option when using app in a 5 inch screen or less it's kinda hard to put it all together. And add the option to have two or three signatures instead of one. Brilliant

  • gzfashion

    gzfashion Needs more options Great app just has signature and intials options, needs more options, please add company / title / date / text box / Enjoy it!

  • jcmiles

    jcmiles Seems to work well I tried the sample and found it SUPER easy. But can I upload documents then sign and fill out? That will be the true test. ... to be continued. .. Go well

  • pitopia_ny

    pitopia_ny Everything but the ability to sign nicely Seriously everything I could possibly want is here in this app (except maybe the ability to insert the current date instead of having to type it). Everything except the signature feature is rubbish. Obviously a signature works best with pen on paper. Best I've found in a phone is the paint function on Snapchat. Smooth strokes that match your hand movements. The ability to sign on here is about as effective as etching it into a rock. The cursive is simply horrible. Fix it for five stars. Perfect

  • Xiang200

    Xiang200 Best I've used. Better than Docusign and SignEasy. I've used them all. Most are cumbersome when trying to use check marks. This app is very intuitive. Nothing better, yet, for filling out forms and documents. I do wish they would add automatic date attachment instead of having to add it bc It can be slow for multiple documents. I wish they would allow for another party to sign as well. Highly Recommend.

  • buywowgolddvl

    buywowgolddvl Trucker. Owner operator. Needed to fill out applications and sign authorizations while I was out on the road. This app is very cut and dry. Very easy to use and understand. Life saver when you find yourself away from your computer and unable to print, scan, and so on... Fabulous!

  • Batman_Kathmandu

    Batman_Kathmandu Helpful, but here are some suggestions: 1. Need access to documents on Adobe Cloud. 2. Unable to shrink signature size down enough (stops at a certain minimum size). Allow resizing of hand signatures to any size. 3. Allow different fonts and colors. 4. Allow importing images for actual signatures and/or stamps. 5. An Auto-Fill feature would make the app extremely efficient! Having to click on the profile icon and make a selection every time is not much faster Flawless

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