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Frismos Games

استكشاف مصر القديمة. بناء الأهرامات ، تولد ورفع المخلوقات الأسطورية.

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واحدة من أفضل ألعاب المصرية. تظهر في مصر القديمة، حيث تم بناء الأهرامات، والناس يعتقد في الآلهة ملحمة وقوية وكان كل شيء احاط مع الذهب والترف.

● رفع النسخة الخاصة بك من مصر القديمة.
● إرسال السفن على طول نهر النيل للحصول على الحجارة من الناقلين وبناء المعابد والموائل.
● استدعاء الخاص الآلهة المصرية الخاصة مثل أنوبيس، آمون رع، أوزوريس وحورس، تحوت والمخلوقات الأسطورية الأخرى.
● تحدي نفسك من خلال حصاد المحاصيل من المزارع لإطعام مخلوقات أسطورية الخاص بك.
● تولد المخلوقات النادرة.
● اكتشاف المخلوقات باطني بك في تقويم.
● أدخل باطني الهرم والفوز الآلهة المصرية الخاصة.
● سباق ضد أصدقائك في ملحمة سباق المسار.
● تاريخ جنبا إلى جنب مع لاعبين آخرين لتشكيل غرف الدردشة.
● زيارة أصدقائك ومساعدتهم في تقدمهم.
● المطالبة الهدايا اليومية من أصدقائك.

مصممة للأقراص والهواتف الذكية. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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ميزة: رسومات كبيرة العديد من المباني المختلفة المهام مثيرة للاهتمام استيعاب اللعب


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تعليقات حول Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt

  • strikebacknow

    strikebacknow Special breeding is impossible. It is next to impossible to breed special creatures! Which I think is very wrong. There is no reason for it. There is no reason why when trying to get speciality creatures you end up with ones you already have! Cool

  • xzwevvxrwny

    xzwevvxrwny Loved it! One mistake.. I am recommending it for my friend who loves Egypt, but it does not support iPhone. You should make this for iPhone too! Other than that! Keep up this great work! Must have

  • jhcuide

    jhcuide In the name of the Pharaoh! King Atem trusts me to rule this land of Egypt: his kingdom. I shall not let him down. That's why I have became the phara of Egypt, if his kingdom is big enough for 3 pharaohs then it is big enough for 2 pharas. Brilliant

  • onlinetaxman

    onlinetaxman Ancient egypt Luv game gave it 3 stars cos sometimes freezes when visiting other players fix this and I'll rate it 5 plz 5 star

  • usanai

    usanai Need help!!!! Love the game but having a problem getting it to my new phone. Signed into google and facebook and it wont load my game. Please help me!!!! Not bad

  • prestondunla820

    prestondunla820 Age of prymids This game is so awesome, I love it, wish you're company had more Egyptian Games, love love Muito bom!

  • AnArtist

    AnArtist Cool and neat game A few things.. (1). The waiting time to build, breed and nurse some creatures take forever.. 24hrs! (2) This is not a huge problem, but it happens every now and then. When I try to visit another players home, someone who is at a high level "example lv.50" I get a error asking me to quit or restart.. Or it crashes and closes. But other than I do enjoy this game love it

  • jessatkinson1024

    jessatkinson1024 Awesome game, I have one tiny request though... I'd really like if the habitats could be turned around, it's probably just my own decorating issues, but it would be really cool if you could turn them to face a different way :) great game though, thank you so much, the Egyptian creatures are perfect :) Perfect!

  • valleyob

    valleyob Great game Love the game but cannot visit neighbours at all just keeps crashing most annoying. Really want to continue as most enjoyable!

  • GeorgeWils

    GeorgeWils Good game! Still pleased with game but have tried to put game on new tablet signed in to Facebook and Google but amounts of rocks money food etc are not matching even though everything else is the same.? Please help!

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