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Max Games Studios

ترقية خلال 5 الأعمار. السيطرة على وحدات 16 و 15 الأبراج لتدمير عدوك.

( 220,064 )
الإصدار: 4.8
حجم: 40M


النسخة المحمولة من شعبية لعبة السن من الحرب التي في بداية لعبة متصفح صدر. وحدات الحرب من 16 الوحدات القتالية المختلفة و برج الدفاع الخاص بك من بين 15 برج الدفاع اختيار. في هذه اللعبة, في حين الدفاع عن قاعدة الخاص بك من العدو القاعدة. اللعبة في بداية العصر الحجري يبدأ, ولكن تدريجيا 5 العصر من جهة أخرى ، مع كل وحدات الدفاع برج خاصة من الطريقة التي ننظر. أعتقد أنك أسرع من الأعداء الخاص بك إلى العصور الجديدة تصل الحرب أكثر تقدما! تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
عمر حرب 2, عمر حرب 8, عصر الحرب 3, عمر حرب 5, عصر الحرب اخترق, عصر الحرب 4, عصر الحرب 9, عمر حرب تحميل ترجمة فيلم

ميزة: الرسومات الملونة 15 أنواع من الأبراج 16 أنواع من وحدات الجيش استيعاب اللعب


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تعليقات حول Age Of War

  • ekcnmsctv

    ekcnmsctv Meh. The game was the same as the computer version in every way except that the generals are boring and easily beaten. Would not recommend to buy the generals since they do very systemetic attacks and the levels, from 1-8 seemed to be only playing on easy mode/normal mode with a picture of a general and the tactics aren't very effective. Brilliant

  • redtoast

    redtoast Bringing back memories I would always play this game on the computer way back in the day when I was younger and when I first saw it on the appstore I had to get. The only way to appreciate this game is if you've played it before. The add-ons are pretty expensive for this game but you don't need then to enjoy the game Highly Recommend.

  • abrahamduran1024

    abrahamduran1024 Refund if possible I played this game for a while and enjoyed it. I just recently bought the extra generals, but am displeased about the game, and how there is no save feature. I would like to refund my cost and don't want the extra generals Works perfectly

  • bryonwalters511

    bryonwalters511 Fun game but... I really like this game but I wish there was a PvP mode so that I could play with my friends and my brother. Worth it!

  • canaterra

    canaterra I love it but I need to know this: I have been wondering if there is a way to unlock those generals for free. I just finished hard, and I am currently wondering if there is a way it may be if I complete impossible... but I'm not one of you guys, so I wouldn't know. Also, Jack, I noticed your comment and just want to say that is how I beat hard mode. Just wow

  • amazinglife

    amazinglife Great game It's a great game, but my only problem and the only reason it has 4 stars is that if you go out of the game for any reason you have to start over. Hopefully they come out with an update to fix that. Good

  • eiscswizg

    eiscswizg needs lots of work I love this game on pc but this one has issues that need fixed. load times are horrible, if you check to see what an achievement is it will close the game and it has a lag issue. stilp fun. also the dlc is beyond unfair price wise Flawless

  • Spafroorm

    Spafroorm One more thing I thinking about clash royale. so can you please make everyone can sent some quest to fight duel in real time plase. put i liked it cause it doesn't have ads for play. wow lol

  • nagesh42457

    nagesh42457 Multiplayer add-on I love this game. I also played it on the computer too! When I found out there was a moblie version, I immediatly downloaded it. I really like the game as it is very thrilling. However I hope that you could add a multiplayer to it. If you could add a multiplayer to it I would definitely give the game a five star. I hope that you guys will consider it. I'm not threatening I just want the game to be more popular, and I can play with my friends and family. Great job

  • majorosborne1127

    majorosborne1127 Trnger bedre graffik og lengere spill Minst 5 baser mere :-( når jeg hvar på extrem hadde jrg den beste basen plus 4 av de beste våpenene på rad. Jeg gjikk ut og når jeg gikk in i game måtte jeg starte helt på nytt Worth a go!

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