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يمكن لمحرر Airbrush تنقيح وتصفية صورك لإنشاء صور جميلة.

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Who says we can't have perfection in our photos? We believe all users should have the best editor and filter technology at their fingertips, and AirBrush continually updates with new features and effects to stay up to date with editing standards. AirBrush was designed to be the best photo editor with user-friendly retouch tools, cool filter options, and natural, beautiful results!


Blemish and Pimple Remover
** Say goodbye to pimples and blemishes! With our blemish remover, you can eliminate pimples and unwanted spots with the tap of a finger. Add a swipe of blush to add radiance and charm.

Whiten Teeth and Brighten Eyes
** Whitening your teeth takes your smile to the next level! Our teeth whitening function lets you brighten your smile without over-whitening.
** Our “brighten” function enhances your eyes to instantly light up your features.

Perfect Skin in Every Photo
** Retouch, edit and even tan your skin to achieve perfect, glowing perfection in just a few swipes! Your skin will look naturally radiant in all of your selfies and photos! For an added bonus, swipe on a cool blush or rouge to give your cheeks an extra glow.

Slim, Reshape and Lengthen Your Selfie or Photo
** Instantly slim, lengthen or reshape any area of your photo with a few swipes of your finger.

Artistic Retouching Features
** In addition its HD editing features, the AirBrush editor also includes tools that let you blur, crop, stretch, slim and tune your pics for an artistic, beautiful and dramatic touch. Choose to automatically retouch your pictures or fix them manually.

Add Depth and Style to Your Photos
** Our “Blur” editing tool lets you retouch any photos to give it more depth and keep only the things that matter in focus. Your photos and pics will embody the cool perfection seen in professional photography.

Real-Time Editing Technology
** Edit your selfie before taking the picture with real-time editing tools. See your shot on your phone, choose your edits and filters, then snap the photo for a perfect pics every time!

Natural, Radiant Filters
** AirBrush beauty filters were professionally designed to enhance even the best pictures and selfie photos for a perfect, beautiful finishing touch. Some filters can add natural-looking makeup to your pics, like blush or mascara!

Ready to Share?
** This is the editing tool that really gets your picture ready for sharing. When you're done editing, share your pics to popular social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat right from AirBrush!

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تعليقات حول AirBrush - محرر الصور السهل

  • drlawweiseng

    drlawweiseng Best App Ever! Am not interested in trying any other app because this one has it all! Thank you AirBrush for thinking of everything. Great!

  • smoking

    smoking Great app, but still need more options When it comes to wrinkle remover and skin smoothing and effect, this app is just fantastic! Amazing!

  • johnmaxx001

    johnmaxx001 I completely love this app! It's my favorite app! If I was you I would definitely download this app and see for yourself! It really does works! It works so well in fact that it doesn't even look like you photoshoped your pic at all! It makes you look so natural that NOBODY and I mean NOBODY will realize that you airbrushed your picture! Its definitely worth the try! Definitely!!! Recommend

  • munkyd55

    munkyd55 You get what u are promised I like it, there could be some further options added tho but its great for a fee app. Enjoy it!

  • Olenenogos

    Olenenogos Similar to FaceTune. Similar to the above-mentioned app, but each has their pro's and con's. Use both, and you'll get fairly decent results. FaceTune does offer a few more extras and is a bit more in-depth, but AirBrush isn't bad. Go well

  • ewatson

    ewatson best app Takes off zits and blimishes...can lighten or darken skin...slim your face...also BEST FILTERS..FRFR LOVE THIS APP Great job

  • Sharmaine

    Sharmaine Awesome app Thank you for this!! Never any problems and photos turn out amazing. I am really impressed. wow lol

  • ibomwie

    ibomwie Very good Extremely easy to use and works very well. Very quick, no messing or guesswork, does exactly what you want it to do and does it amazingly well. Muito bom!

  • tracld

    tracld Superb It's superb all kind of Mobiles like android nd simple can use it nd its awsome best approach ever filters r too good Fabulous!

  • pichemelanie

    pichemelanie Great app Easy to use, does what you need it to do. Wish you could edit another area without needing to go back. Otherwise it gets 5 stars. 5 star

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