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ديجيفو وقوات الدفاع الشعبي المشاهد / القارئ.

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تعليقات حول AnDoc - PDF وقارئ DJVU

  • ShortKiss

    ShortKiss Kinda crappy interface Randomly rotates the screen (even when my Android 6 is configured no *not* rotate), when reading a file and closing, it says "save and exit?" which feels inconvenient because I didn't edit anything, so.. save what? And it first opens a PDF file and on 2nd attempt it doesn't ("can't read file" on the same file it opened before). I will try some more PDF viewers.

  • Elummasleedia

    Elummasleedia Can't get through file manager to main storage It looks empty. Kinda material looks better that before but still weird. All in all, there are so much work to do.

  • NeurbfesNef

    NeurbfesNef Fast, sleek, with a bug Good one. One bug: view at full screen cannot be undone, menu closes. Needs data reset to undo.

  • SpourryWoomma

    SpourryWoomma And the winner is ... AnDoc! I have an LG G3, no slouch of a phone. Gorgeous graphics, and big screen that seem to be a problem for Acrobat (sluggish performance and slow redraw). Tried 4 or 5 PDF viewers that had top ratings and claimed high-speed performance. Each had different issues, from frequent crashes to clunky responsiveness. AnDoc is fast and runs without failure. Job well done!

  • sogprurOrry

    sogprurOrry Top bar blocks screen when scrolling When scrolling, the top bar (full screen, title or status bar?) blocks the reading area for more than 1 second EVERY TIME! Can you disable it or move it to the bottom? It's very annoying when you want to read! Also, why do I have to tap once THEN scroll? Both of these harm my reading experience. ...... That's not an advisement bar! Have you read what my concerns are about? Okay, nvm, I have already uninstalled.

  • CapitolPR

    CapitolPR broken a bit outline doesn't work on PDFs anymore. Font issue with the boxes is better, but not fixed 100%. Would buy this, except it's still broken. I'll gladly pay for premium once it's fixed but it might be awhile.

  • enawnLack

    enawnLack Best pdf reader I've been able to find (for me), but not perfect. For my requirements it's the best reader I've been able to find. I particularly value the single page mode and auto cropping. My one annoyance: even though I have "full screen - hide status bar selected", the grey title bar keeps coming up whenever I move or zoom, obscuring the top of the document - is there any way to stop it appearing? I usually double tap on the document to bring up the menu, so don't see any point in the title bar, and just find it annoying. I have "show title" unticked. Also, whenever the title bar comes on it does a weird thing for about half a second where it is half the size and appears to have text quickly scrolling within it, before popping to full size. Crashes sometimes when closing documents, but I don't find this to be much of an issue.

  • Swannekeess

    Swannekeess Simple Simple useful constantly frustrating come updates don't know if its my generic tablet, Google app store, or you, but I have to uninstall and install updating freeze Kitkat system, don't feel bad Firefox often does it as well....

  • Glaphaple

    Glaphaple Almost... Thanks, Devs. Fast, good auto crop, night view, customizable, with quick updates to squash bugs. No default book folder on setting, need to browse manually. V.2.0.11 update fixes FC and unreadable setting. But unable to read some PDF books due to what seems to be lack of fonts (show boxes instead of alphabets), unable to deactivate 'Show title,' 'Full screen' causes menu to blink only with title remains shown.

  • vovadratmat

    vovadratmat quick and easy as a reader this is a v good app. quickly opens and fine scales (zoom) documents.

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