AndroDumpper ( WPS Connect ) for Android

Osama Abukmail
AndroDumpper ( WPS Connect ) الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد
  • Anroltd

    Anroltd wow Yesterday I saw a video about this application through youtube after that I Loaded this from playstore. thereafter I tried to hack .. I Cant believe ...... l was thinking that it would be a fake a application , but does it... hacked my office wifi... Good

  • phcgxbfp

    phcgxbfp Cool Superbly cracks the wifi that I want to. Developer if you can make an app that can crack the wifi which doesn't have WPS, it'll be better. Must have

  • funnywares

    funnywares Nice app Works nearly more then 50% of wps enabled router. Helped me alot. Thanks and please keep update more key for new routers. Thanks again Awesome

  • peelercentrifuge

    peelercentrifuge Perfect hacker tool ever HATS OFF for you Developer such a perfect WiFi hacking app you made I would recommend all of you guys just download this AndroDumpper and enjoy free data of your ugly neighbours WiFi and awesome app again saying its such a simple and fast connecting app just love it. 5 star

  • amartins

    amartins Problem in network name Thanks to the devloper I am able to hack 4 wifi network but when i tried to hack the 5th network which has similar network name to my own house wifi network it fails. I tried many times but the app shows me my own home password not the other 5th network password. I tried to connect that network with the password given to me by the app but it fails. So,please help me. But i have a rooted phone. Must have

  • WindyCitySummit

    WindyCitySummit Its great I thought it was fake but its not. I hacked my neighbours WiFi with this. Its really working Brilliant

  • Mercy_cila

    Mercy_cila Good Please some one help iam unable to connect with wpa/wp2/(wps availabe) but i have rooted my handset it is with android version jelly bean it will work or not please please some one suggest me Cool

  • Mercy_Goks

    Mercy_Goks من که کلا یک وای فای هک کردم گوش من اس 7هست و اندوید6.5هست پس چرا وای فای دیگه که علامت آبی هم دارن رو هک نمی کنه فقط یه دونه میشه هک کرد مش حرفه امید وا رم در آبدیت جدید درست بسه Good

  • hnxjgogo

    hnxjgogo It works but takes too long to open I hacked one password and it's safe, please can u fix this takes too long to open the app after I root the device android 4.4.2,,,Huawei y336 u03 Works perfectly

  • bmaloney

    bmaloney amazing! so useful.. ang galing galing ng gumawa..for me you deserve 10 stars..100% effective..those who said it's not working YOU'RE LIER! Marvelous

  • shaundy1714

    shaundy1714 Nice app It's a great app...this app can hack any wifi but it should be wps...guys I know that most of u tried this app and failed..but I suggest I too try it again and again...and it will automatically connect to the nearest wifi...and remember guys the strength of the wifi should be 70-81 for the best results love it

  • GHL005

    GHL005 One problem driving me crazy There is just on problem the bruteforce doesnot work fast when i turn the screen off ploz if u can put a keep CPU awake mode so i can bruteforce as afficent as i can when my screen is on wow lol

  • associates025

    associates025 Its a beautiful app peoples are foolish who dont no how its work Do one think on wifi click on wifi click no custom pin and do 3 or. 4times wifi if connected... Works perfectly

  • pfehsnfcd

    pfehsnfcd Easy to hack wifi I know my neighbours WiFi but I forget and try to connect with AndroDumper and it connected and the one thing to hack wifi is that you should not reduce much distance less to less you have three WiFi signal Must have

  • psczebbg

    psczebbg Nice! but does it work on marshmallow upgrade too? plz reply i want to upgrade but dont want this app to stop working on marshmallow. 5 star

  • glzypioe

    glzypioe عالی من باهاش یک وایفا با چند کلید هک کردم اینکه یک دفه هک کنه نمیشه رو بعضی از وایفاها جواب میده بعضی نه من با چندتا از نرم افزارها کار میکنم این جالب بود همسایه عزیز کونت پاره هست Enjoy it!

  • kxwkaqbwevp

    kxwkaqbwevp Works Perfect I hack wifi wherever i go Amazing!

  • CharlesAllen4283

    CharlesAllen4283 A gud working ap But I can't connect it sometimes even if the WiFi signal is strong.... If u fix it i't will be helpful thank you 5 star

  • chumani45

    chumani45 Unbelievable application I hacked 3 wifi from this application if you rooted your phone then u can do many real it can connect wifi and shows the password of wifi unbelievable good app for hacking wifi..... Flawless

  • cheapwowgoldwqq

    cheapwowgoldwqq Love it. Works the way it should The app works as it says. Those who give negative feedback should keep what is rooting and installing BusyBox. Love the app. Keep it up. Good work dev! God bless. Surprisingly