AndrOpen Office‏ for Android

Akikazu Yoshikawa
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  • Golaslort

    Golaslort Mr mallinson works nicely . the only problem I have is the app size . can't they make a smaller version for handheld android phones?? Great!

  • alokqr

    alokqr OoO=GREAT / AOO=SoSo. WHY? I've used OpenOffice (OoO) since long before Apache name showed up. I'm not sure why Apache took over. AOO works fairly well… when it works. It takes far too long to load and ALWAYS insists on recovering files — which usually wipes out all the work I did! This is very frustrating. Half the time, by the time I redo the stuff AOO undid, my battery is down, my system memory seems full (judging by the slowdown) and it's time to save my work, which is beginning to look like wasted effort. Fabulous!

  • sweloillissag

    sweloillissag Perfect Just what I was looking for, I can save documents from emails to my preferred location. Works perfectly

  • Charitha12

    Charitha12 I've used this app for over a year now and it has been great, I love it. It is the only app available that truly works with and saves OpenOffice files in their original format, because it is actually OpenOffice ported. Great to sink my work PC files with tablet for field work. I find the virtual keypad & touchpad to be quite useful. The developer is constantly providing updates and improvements, and is very responsive when a bug occurs. Thanks for providing this, to me it is worth 5 stars and 5 times the Pro Pack price. Pretty good

  • aShiehorbeclib

    aShiehorbeclib Some difficulty opening my odt files. I had to download them from my google drive first, then open them. Worth it!

  • eijxjrxsny

    eijxjrxsny Works great for a while but then at some point you will accidently click the pro package option. it asks to add a paid add-on pro package and then it quits working if you decline to install it. Reinstall fixes it, with inconvenience on slow connection. Awesome

  • splendia11

    splendia11 This App has been great, I love it. It is the only app available that truly works with OpenOffice files, because it is actually OpenOffice ported. Great to sink my work PC files with tablet for field work. BUT... as with others, since the last update, this app will not open any files, hangs at "Starting Windows Manager". Please fix, I really need it right now, 'tiss the busy season for me. Definitely 5 stars if current problem is fixed, and well worth 5 times the Pro Pack cost. Thanks. Highly Recommend.

  • KnowMoney

    KnowMoney Really helpful I'm a writer, and this app has been wonderful for editing on the go. I've tried several other word processor apps and found them all lacking. There's a few small bugs, but I'm sure the dev will work those out in time. Thank you for this :) Highly Recommend.

  • press01

    press01 Useful, but hogs on resources It's a great port of OpenOffice, a life saver on small mobiles and a wonderful tool on tablets. Unfortunately, the app itself doesn't come fully functional, it downloads about 37MB of .obb files, which cannot be moved to external SDcard. Also, it fills about a hundred MB of internal memory with app data on 1st run (the price for cleaning it is a very slow start-up time, necessary to unpack whatever app data it requires to run). Overall, a good office suite, but could be better built. Amazing!

  • samsonsimpson

    samsonsimpson With the keyboard fixed, now this app is usable! The old buggy keyboard was making this app completely unusable for any data entry. I couldn't even jot down notes or ideas quickly. But now that bug is fixed. Now the power of OpenOffice is released onto this platform. It is incredible to have a backup option for office file editing on phones and tablets for those times when you just need to capture some thoughts or modify a spreadsheet and get something done! Perfect

  • yevenko

    yevenko Does what I need to do App is very handy in that my files etc. can be loaded and manipulated quit easily. 5 star

  • purplerose

    purplerose Awesome! This app is pretty much all you need for document creation on your phone. Great UI! Great!

  • symbian122

    symbian122 Great fan of Open Source software Been waiting for this for a long time. I almost exclusively use Open Office now and great to have it on my cell and tab. This completes my (open) office mobility. Thanks. Enjoy it!

  • Uphofovassape

    Uphofovassape Very useful' just a little slow to load. This app is so useful, to able to work on docs and spreadsheets on the go. My only complaint is that it takes about a minute to load a fairly small (38MB) document. This may be in part due to my aging hardware (ASUS ME302C running Android 4.3) Cool

  • avoivapavaizej

    avoivapavaizej Excellent. Will Reccomend This app is a reliable problem solving machine. Brilliant port. Many people have expressed a need for quality Android document handling. I was one, looking for something to solidly substitute sitting at a computer word processor. This is the documents app I waslooking for! If you want your phone to operate documents as good or even better than a laptop computer, or just need to do a quick edit to any document, this is for you. Odt was easy to work on. Save is fast, &UI is amazingly cohesive! -Keep updating! Great!

  • AssodoTophy

    AssodoTophy Awesome app with awesome developer Got a quick reply and quick fix from the developer. Now the app runs better than ever. Kudos! 5 star

  • Scalpure

    Scalpure Brill This app above anything else gave me just what I needed. Other apps I tried just were inferior in all aspects. Go for the pro version its a small price for such an appreciated work. Every update just makes it better and better. Keep up the great work. Awesome

  • liveup

    liveup Superb It's so good to have this on my phone, and to be able to access and update documents when away from the desktop. Brilliant port of a great program, works great for me on Android 5.1, I do despair at some people's comments, this is a superb program, check your phone and memory guys. Highly Recommend.

  • newdaymedia

    newdaymedia Amazing! Exactly what I've been struggling to find. Use my own custom fonts, read and write to all storages and no signing up for anything. It has a great PC feel. Thank you! Recommend

  • roosites

    roosites Good and bad On my home computers I use Libre Office, another version of OpenOffice and I like it. This version may work fine on tablets but not so good my Note 4 phablet. What I miss most is landscape mode. Because of the HD screen some icons are so tiny that I cannot recognise them. Navigation is difficult. I need some more testing before I decide to keep it or uninstall it. May 2016, now I am using a 12 inch tablet with a retina display. The application looks great now and I like features like the virtual touchpad. real good! I use the Clevis PC-type keyboard which works very good, better than all the Google junk. Muito bom!