Anger of Stick 3 للحصول على الروبوت

تحميل Anger of Stick 3 للحصول على الروبوت

Anger of Stick 3 الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد

( 149,537 )
الإصدار: 1.0.4
حجم: 36M


الدفعة الثالثة من سلسلة ضرب الغضب من عصا الآن على الروبوت!

غضب ميزات 3 عصا حتى أكثر إثارة القتال والعمل جنونا المجموعات كنت قد رأيت من أي وقت مضى!
كنت تلعب بطلنا عصا مرة أخرى في مهمة للقضاء على جميع الأشرار من الكواكب الأخرى! تلبية أعداء مختلفة على كل كوكب وهزيمة أقوى الرؤساء كما تقدم لك من خلال هذه المجرة الخطرة وصعبة!

الاستفادة من العديد من المجموعات القتال يلم بها بطلنا، وشراء الأسلحة في المحل الخاص بك لزيادة نصف قطر الدمار وفرص البقاء على قيد الحياة!

 هذا العمل لعبة القتال معبأة بما يلي:
- 44 المستويات في سيناريوهات متعددة، وتقسيم بنسبة 9 كواكب
- خمس شخصيات الرئيسية مع المجموعات، تغيير مختلفة وفقا لأعداء
- العديد من أنواع مختلفة من الرؤساء والأعداء على كل كوكب
- عمل تجربة القتال الحقيقية مع الحزم والطاقة، والمجموعات الجو والهجمات مستمرة، والأسلحة الفتاكة حتى الاستواء النظام
- التحركات التحرير والسرد أكثر للعمل حتى أكثر كثافة!

لقد قدمنا ​​أيضا بعض الميزات الجديدة ورهيبة إلى الإصدار الروبوت:
- عدة شخصيات جديدة
- وضع سوبر المحارب
- تتطور شخصياتك
- "حفظ البيانات" الزر كلما تموت في اللعبة

الاستفادة، والقفز، لكمة وركلة توقف غير لقهر الأعداء كل هذه العصا! تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Anger of Stick 3

  • kjfmjwcj

    kjfmjwcj Doesn't work on note 4 Doesn't work on my note 4. Used to like this game but now i need to delete it. Surprisingly

  • uqmxscfikem

    uqmxscfikem Kanishq shakya We donot complete a level with guy and brave because these heroes were very low in power but lbf and roo idonot know the name of last hero these three heroes were win the game Omg

  • wfdlwnvtee

    wfdlwnvtee Found a weird bug This bug isn't effecting my rating, but when i'm in training and i use the tazer multiple times then charge, the green blood (i guess?) Becomes a wierd mess that shows a bunch of different animated bits in the game, like weapon shots, water splashes, explosions, the spaceship from level select screen, and the animation of the tazer once it hits the enemy. I just now found this while i was messing around in training. Just wow

  • dinwaai

    dinwaai Another potentially great game ruined by greedy developers Challenging n fun, way better than the last one. Too bad it lags like hell, freezes up constantly n the controls are twitchy n unresponsive. But there's plenty of ads popping up DURING GAME PLAY, leaving u helpless as enemies pummel u while u try frantically to click the TINY X! Absolutely unacceptable! If u'd devoted half the effort u put into trying to squeeze $ out of ur "free game" into making it actually playable I'd be happy to give u 5 stars. But u blew it. SMH Recommend

  • auditshomenergy

    auditshomenergy Really good jus bad jumps Its a really good game i love it more than the 4th one just could you fix the jump mechanices please

  • drinkbin

    drinkbin Cool Game Cool and fun game. It can be addicting at some points, but otherwise it's a cool game.

  • DrewFromNY

    DrewFromNY Cool It's a bit like dbz (dragon ball z) because when he increases his power his life goes down same as dbz another point when his increasing his power it looks like super saiyan in dbz and it is hard on level 3 for me.

  • deluxelimo

    deluxelimo Awesome I play this game all the time. Its easy once you have unlocked the most powerful character and bought all the weapons. Also I don't know why people are saying it's hard. Discover the combos and you won't even need weapons to defeat powerful enemies.

  • suprashoe

    suprashoe THIS IS REALLY FUN BUT Make the prices lower because it's really hard cuz there's a lot of monster and some are over powered and it's hard to get money and I can barely kill them and you should make so the gloves you already have transfer to your next stick man like if you upgrade to brave you still have the same gloves and you don't have to start over on buying gloves

  • 1702mike

    1702mike FUNZ BUT TOO HARD AT LOW LEVEL ALL THE OTHER ANGER OF STICKS SUCK!! And please make it where there are not many monsters in a level

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