Anger Of Stick 4

ضرب أكثر من 30 مليون مستخدم لعبت ، 'الغضب من عصا''s أحدث سقال

strikefreedomjrOMG! I LOVE THIS GAME!!! (sometimes) IT'S SO EASY TO PLAY!!! I ALREADY EVOLVED MY FIRST FIGHTER WITHOUT 1 HOUR!!!! SO FUN AND EASY!!!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME THANK YOU VERY MUCH! But isn't it too hard to spend 500 gems for nothing beacause i want to evolve my first fighter then when i evolved it, it says fail and my gems turned into 14! I also punched my brother beacause he's annoying me when i failed.. :( please can add +5%? :( im nearly poor... And i cant beat level 13 coz i need my 2nd evolved first fighter but i cant evolve him... :( :( :( :( i just spend 500 gems for nothing! :( :,( :,( :,( :,( so i give it 4 stars for now... I hitted the second try and IT FAILS! Sorry i shouted beacause that was just rude but its ok atleast its a cool game. Pretty good