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تعليقات حول APN Settings Shortcut

  • MarieCase

    MarieCase Awesome Worked great converting my us cellular moto x to ntelos .I used APN manager pro which note is a total useless joke. Thankfully this works great android 4.4.2

  • lmaurice

    lmaurice Brilliant! Thank you for making this shortcut. After I was able to Sim Unlock my phone I discovered that the stock ROM doesn't have any way to edit the APN, the carrier intentionally disabled the feature. Only solution was to load a different ROM when I travel then switch back to stock when I'm home. (have to use stock ROM because of Japan specific Osaifu-Keitai that won't work otherwise). That was a cumbersome process and caused conflicts with another app I use that can only be installed on one device at a time. Your brilliant little shortcut gives me my APN Settings back and eliminates the mess when I travel.

  • DavidNicklin

    DavidNicklin Short and Sweet!! Simply takes you to apn settings in one click. Sometimes we need nothing extra but simplicity

  • wrartiasE

    wrartiasE #home-screen Perfect. Does what it says on the tin! For some annoying reason, my phone switches to the wrong APN a few times per day. I always had to go through several menu screens to change it back. This shortcut makes the whole process much faster. Big thanks to the developer!

  • gmdesigner

    gmdesigner searching tthis type of thing for so so long could the reset to default option be automated that would save an extra 3 clicks

  • thisismurali

    thisismurali #internet-radio Works great but galaxy tab manual unclear! This shortcut really makes your life easy. Galaxy tab users have to look under "more" when pressing the + sign to add it to a screen. It should be made clearer that the link on the home page points to the manual ... and should be read :)

  • kcruss

    kcruss Like a effin boss!! Thanks man been trying tofix my apn on my photon I'm running cm7. mms still wont work through stock but will under handsent.. Recommend to download APN Settings Shortcut APK.

  • weipliecercal

    weipliecercal SOLUTION!! After months and months of trying to figure out how to change my MMS APN, I finally got a brilliant idea and searched the Play Store.. LOL. I was running out of patience for CM7, though loved everything about it other than I could ONLY use GO SMS because it has a built in APN control - however, that stopped working for me, too. CM7 is the only ROM that works on my Optimus that displays a voicemail indicator - so I wanted to use it badly but the MMS was always the dealbreaker. I wanted Handcent and couldn't use it.. I wanted a stock MMS and couldn't use it. This ingenious little SHORTCUT changed everything. Thanks Saikoro!

  • scieninge

    scieninge Awesome app Exactly what I was looking for. Not an app, just a shortcut. Very useful to change internet settings on phone.

  • lfyd0808

    lfyd0808 #home-screen Hey guys! @ the moron who said "its not in widget list" and rated 1 star... try reading directions and maybe think about the word SHORTCUT real hard next time.......

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