Dr. Battery - يوفر البطاريه for Android

Smart Battery Doctor
تعزيز عمر البطارية
  • gjqxejb

    gjqxejb Yes and no Okay, so after a day at work, phone battery is usually low, and often entirely drained. Today, with this app, I am leaving work with 31% battery. So, yes, it saves power. The downside is that the app frequently crashes. So, the 3 stars remain while I search for a new battery saver app.... Enjoy it!

  • csiqpolgd

    csiqpolgd Battery Doctor I do suggest hoping that this product can charge up much faster if you can improve it on doing that. It does work very well though; but I do like this product a lot. Do the best you can improving it.... Great!

  • ficdpcf

    ficdpcf Nice An app that does just what it says, helps the battery life of your cell phone, it's effective Flawless

  • Jihaifen

    Jihaifen Battery Doctor A very good app. Does everything that I needed to do safe and well needed thank you so much. Superb!

  • likowatch

    likowatch Brian Bryant Awesome best there is recommended to family and friends and they use also truly amazing Pretty good

  • ramjsharma

    ramjsharma Perfect all in one battary saver ram booster and if we can get the junk clening also will be good Recommend

  • psychicavea

    psychicavea It kills my radio after the screen turns off, even though I added radio to the list of exceptions to the "app killer"... Awesome

  • manucommisso

    manucommisso So far so good... Maybe on the next update, a timer/count down for battery trickle. For example - currently I'm at 100%, but the trickle circle is still spinning ( I would like the app to inform me when the trickle cycle is finished ). Thank you Go well

  • tieoifes

    tieoifes Decent but mediocre still download it! Very basic. Don't like that it suggests shutting down system processes to free ram cuz that could be a mistake depending on the process. Otherwise it's not worth alot, but it's worth upgrading for only 2 bucks and that makes it worth downloading. Omg

  • maeross

    maeross عالیه تشکر من این برنامه را دو روزه نصب کردم . Highly Recommend.

  • IodidoDut

    IodidoDut Like I would give it 5 stars but it put ny phone 9n mute once when people were calling me Fantastic

  • worldfashionchannel

    worldfashionchannel Now try Version2.1 with task kill White list | 2016-04 with Black list of kill app background running SW'Panel - Setting A.Fast charge B.reduce C.Kill background app ;Display off (with White List) ;Not Work dev S5 Marvelous

  • rajeshkumar

    rajeshkumar Crashes It's a very efficient way to lose your launcher screen apps, and watch it crash over and over...and WAY too many ads. 5 star

  • fprwscwcs

    fprwscwcs Definite improvement in Battery Life Just begun using. Experienced a definite improvement in the Battery Life. Shall update as I use this further Not bad

  • qwgsyr

    qwgsyr Just innstalled. It sems to be working very well. Ill give it a 4.5 untill I see whst the long range outcome is Works great

  • lreydeapcpx

    lreydeapcpx App always stop. Compared to other battery apps. This app works cause my battery is not optimized Brilliant

  • kvumdhthg

    kvumdhthg Most User Friendly Battery App Finally a one touch application that really is a one touch. Highly recommend this App. Good

  • cgypdsnkczi

    cgypdsnkczi Good App ! A good app but in normal mode, there shouldnt be auto sync on.. because you cant save your battery this way... plus fast charging is not that much fast the way it should be... overall .. good app Cool

  • vcblgwkz

    vcblgwkz I used many but rearly get the best one but now I got it ....try it than useless batary saver Fabulous!

  • Absolutetri

    Absolutetri This thing is badass This really works i sware this helps u wit ur Must have