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سهلة الاستخدام شحن البطارية تطبيق مراقبة مستوى.

السمات الرئيسية لهذا التطبيق:
• الحاجيات الشاشة الرئيسية.
• عرض الوقت المقدر اليسار إلى تفريغ أو تهمة.
• عرض ملونة رمز بمعلومات في منطقة الإعلام (بدءا من المصاصة، قد تكون غير معتمدة الرموز الملونة على شريط الحالة اعتمادا على الجهاز).
• الأرقام قابلة للقراءة الكبيرة.
• الوصول السريع إلى العديد من التفاصيل بما في ذلك درجة الحرارة، والجهد، والشحن أو التفريغ السرعة في المئة في الساعة ونظام المعلومات حول ما تستنزف البطارية.
• الموضوعات واجهة رسومية.
• العديد من خيارات التكوين.

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تعليقات حول Battery Indicator‏

  • mndist274

    mndist274 Yeah it's most useful app for my Tab Fantastic too accurate and control my Battery am Loved it sooooo much !! Omg

  • coloradofly1

    coloradofly1 Bermamfaat dan Akurat Membantu sekali untuk informasi yang akurat sisa waktu pengisian dan pemakaian baterai.. Works perfectly

  • zerFlernwes

    zerFlernwes Good job Gave me what I wanted. A simple app which just indicates battery percentage and usage time. Other apps just kept making my phone slow. Go well

  • billionair786

    billionair786 Nothing Special I see people excited about colors of battery icon ! But I thought this app will show detailed information about battery usage. It's nothing but a showing battery level icon on status bar, just at the other side of what is already exist on the right in Android system !!!?? I will use it to see if it really save me some battery as some fellows said, if not, it'll be uninstalled. Well done!!

  • ChrisTinaBruce

    ChrisTinaBruce Loving this appp Well have Samsung Galaxy Note 3 download it on it and it work so amazing great job guys this app must I give you 5 star on this cause it hold battery charge and it works have get battery for my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ☺☺☺☺☺ Great job

  • ncclothing

    ncclothing Great Application. Lot's of features, easy to understand interface. Does what it says on the tin. Throughly recommend. Amazing!

  • writeon

    writeon Pretty good Wish the percentage icon was bigger. Have to scroll down back screen to check percentage. Muito bom!

  • pixmac2

    pixmac2 LOVE THIS APP. BATTERY APP IS JUST GREAT This app is one of the best apps for Battery levels I have seen. It is user friendly and is not a system or a battery drainer! Thank you folks so much for this app! Please keep up the great work. Worth a go!

  • Veresworway

    Veresworway So far so good. Been maybe a month if nothing changes with the app i will keep. Accurate and quick visual help to see whats up with your battery. Surprisingly

  • rigaconnect

    rigaconnect Wonderful innovation Tells you even how long you'll need to charge your battery per time, so you'll know exactly where to slot it into your schedules! Fantastic! Brilliant

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