تحميل Battery Monitor Widget‏ للحصول على الروبوت


مراقبة حالة استخدام البطارية الخاصة بك مع الاحصائيات والرسوم البيانية والحاجيات الجميلة!

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الإصدار: 1.4.3
حجم: 5.0 MB


!!! الآن البطارية مراقب القطعة هي حرة! النسخة PRO يزيل فقط الإعلانات !!!

مع البطارية مراقب القطعة يمكنك التحكم في وضع البطارية الخاصة بك، وهنا بعض الملامح:

- وقود القطعة
- الدوار القطعة، مع أعداد كبيرة
- القطعة النيون المقياس
- إنذار والإخطارات، للمساعدة في توفير البطارية
- مؤشر البطارية على شريط إعلام
- عامة والإحصاء أسبوعي
- الرسم البياني، لمراقبة المصارف البطارية
- واجهة بسيطة ونظيفة
- تقديم الدعم لأقراص والروبوت 7 نوغة

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تعليقات حول Battery Monitor Widget‏

  • dglaser

    dglaser Amazing I put in charge when it was 0% and then when I came after 5 minutes it was 53%. This app is amazing. Recommend

  • bcmbnruwj

    bcmbnruwj Great Good app only really using the percentage disc widget but it's full of good features I am sure I'll start using them soon. Enjoy it!

  • TamikoT

    TamikoT Simple and lightweight One of the few apps that is simple light weight and shows the battery temperature Must have

  • amrit6446

    amrit6446 Now better than dubattery saver DuBattery saver has gone to crap...makes you paranoid about running apps and makes you close them then they reopen anyway. Plus the widgets are now ugly. This one is beautiful and works perfectly Enjoy it!

  • nleyisr

    nleyisr Very useful widget I have had this app ever since I had my first Android phone and found it very helpful. It's worth the memory it takes on the phone. Perfect!

  • franmaglione

    franmaglione It's the one It does everything I want it to do well. No complaints at all. I install it on every phone. Fantastic

  • inciongugg

    inciongugg Many features aren't working So many features you showed in play store bt actually alarm, battery status in notification bar not customizable.........please fix it......... love it

  • xyzeggaw

    xyzeggaw Very nice app.. PRO preview great Huge amounts of information. Extremely customisable (PRO).. Think I might have to go pay my money for the pro version!! Superb!

  • srv1248

    srv1248 Battery monitor app. The best there is, I use a combination of apps. But this one does more than expected, a must have for the "Power user"!! Marvelous

  • cheapestwowgoldovj

    cheapestwowgoldovj PS3 name tinkerberg Thankyou for this app it is very very nice I like it a lot thank you for this is it when the battery is low 5 star

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