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استخدام البطارية إصلاح الحياة وتحسين عمر البطارية

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إصلاح عمر البطارية هو تطبيق الحرة والمهنية لتعزيز عمر البطارية، هو "بنقرة واحدة التطبيق"، بديهية وسريعة وسهلة. يمكنك معرفة كيفية زيادة عمر جهاز الروبوت الخاص بك. استخدام البطارية إصلاح الحياة ونسيان شحن الهاتف الخاص بك كل يوم !!.

باستخدام بطارية إصلاح الحياة مرة واحدة في الأسبوع، وأكثر حياة البطارية الأخير من ذلك بكثير.


- واجهة بسيطة، وبمجرد النقر التطبيق.
- عن طريق إصلاح عمر البطارية مرة واحدة في الأسبوع، وتحسين عمر البطارية.
- 24/7 دعم
- مؤشر درجة الحرارة، مؤشر الجهد، مؤشر التكنولوجيا وأكثر من ذلك بكثير. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Battery Repair Life


    BUDHHIST Impressive! Not sure how it's working but it is. It tested my battery and showed a bunch of cells as inactive. Then it offered me to fix them. The process was fast like it was just showing me a video. So I thought maybe it was just video :). But starting next day my battery life improved dramatically. Another question why a brand new phone need it in the first place... And how long the effect will last... Cool

  • amy2k9

    amy2k9 AWESOME!!!!! I was having a problem with my battery draining in 20 min and taking all day to charge. After the first run, it was back to normal drain and this told me my power supply was bad. I changed my cord and everything is all better. Thank you!! Flawless

  • ravialphasoft

    ravialphasoft So far so GOOD... I mean I just installed & ran the app. Which I did, then my phone rebooted & optimized All my apps (it took awhile w/ 638 apps!!!) And to my pleasant surprize my phone & battery are performing BETTER than ever!!! This coming from a rooted Alcatel XL Fierce 5054!!! Ur DAMN RIGHT THIS A GOOD APP!!! Now Download 'n Run it so u too can receive it's benefits!!! Enjoy it!

  • jbxnsmf

    jbxnsmf Seems legit. I am gonna be testing this and see about its authenticity. You see, there are certain areas in your battery that begin to dim or die over time. In time, it will die completely. What this app does is "wake up" those areas. I had originally thought this process requires root considering how it sends small electrical bursts to your battery. You guys should appreciate this app, it is a very complicated process to find dead areas in the battery and reactivating them. Whoever made this app is very talented. Fabulous!

  • IT Versicherungsvergleich

    IT Versicherungsvergleich Giving it a try I have an LG G3 and the battery that came with it wouldn't last long. I bought a new battery which works well and fine. But I wanna save my new battery and still use the old one for now. Ima give this app a try, but I still can't see how an app can fix a battery haha. Go well

  • Houstpl22

    Houstpl22 Worked great! Just installed on my tablet and appears to have fixed several dead cells and low ones also, now I will see how much better my battery is and if its not as good as I thought I will come back to lower my opinion and stars. Works great

  • isuprevcvow

    isuprevcvow Very Confused I ran the pro version, it found several low and inactive cells. Then ran the original version and it found 7 low and 3 inactive. Seems the pro doesnt catch everything or both are doing absolutely nothing? It seems to make a difference so ill keep the original but the pro version is basically useless in comparison. Recommend

  • kit0c

    kit0c We will see It found a lot of damaged sections on my battery, only time will tell if it has made a difference Well done!!

  • loveformjob

    loveformjob Suspicious This application detected 93% healthy at first and repaired it successfully. Next time it showed 100% healthy which is obvious. But it detected again 93% battery healthy when it was run after resetting it. Quite amazing........ Enjoy it!

  • teenvogue1

    teenvogue1 I think it's good They chekked my battery and found some low and inactive cells. With a few seconds they solved all the problems. I don't know is that worked properly Highly Recommend.

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