البطارية التوقف 2 for Android

البطارية التوقف 2 : سهلة للغاية البطارية التطبيق إلى 2x حفظ البطارية!
  • julianroy823

    julianroy823 Nice Nice features, hopefully it stops annoying notifications when your trying to sleep. Great!

  • xdocscal

    xdocscal GREAT APP. I have tried several different battery saving apps. This one is the simplest and best one i have come across. I use my phone quite a bit throughout the day. I usually still have a 30~40 percent charge at bedtime. Surprisingly

  • buterastruggle

    buterastruggle Deep Sleep is not working Deep sleep is very attractive feature in this but it is not working in my Moto X play. Pl help for the same. Just for this only I have installed this. It is working with WiFi but not working with mobile data. Good

  • AngelMedFlight_WWAS

    AngelMedFlight_WWAS Just downloaded I will give it a day or two, if it helps my poor battery then I will update my feedback :-) love it

  • cleohensley718

    cleohensley718 Works great! The only improvements I would like to see are that it automatically runs on startup of my phone and a one touch optimization button on the home screen. Then I would give five stars.

  • oblzxs

    oblzxs SUPER DUPER SUPER DUPER ASTIG! Good Job! amazing tong apps na ito :) SUBUKAN NYO PO , SUPER SULIT, DI PO KAYO MAGSISI :) Download nyo na agar agad :) Thanky!

  • mkkcnhwlyvk

    mkkcnhwlyvk The best so far I use my phone almost 80% to 90% of time and saver 2 lets my battery last longer. Omg

  • mervinfarmer83

    mervinfarmer83 So far, so good I have tried quite a few battery saver apps that caused more battery usage. This seems to work well but it has only been a few days. Hopefully it keeps working.

  • djlldljasi

    djlldljasi Amazing! I don't need to make lots of efforts in charging my phone., this app do a lot. ! You better try this app to :-)

  • sydneyandrews

    sydneyandrews Like every other app This is like every other app. I wouldn't recommend it but i would recommend battery doctor just because it has more to it. I did uninstall it once i opened it. I dont think it is the app for me. This app doesn't deserve five stars. I dont like it that much. I'm really sad that it didn't work but it is a bad app.

  • penderdentalcare

    penderdentalcare Ppl download this app plz Ppl need to download this app BC u want have to charge your phone so much and it's just awesome I hope everyone likes it BC u can be on your device as long as u want till your battery get a little low just I enjoy not having to charge my phone as much and its the best thing that has ever happened to my phone just hope u ppl enjoy this app

  • oripidori

    oripidori Perfect! I had another battery saving app for Android, but then I deleted it to get the CM batter saving app - terrible decision because my battery was losing 2% per minute. Then I got this app and it was glorious! Worked ten million time better compared to the CM battery saver and was better than the original battery saving app I had. It's worth downloading!

  • pcnrgisfcu

    pcnrgisfcu Really saves battery life I have used other apps to try and save battery life but this one seems to extend it the most. I have gone as long as 2 days without having to plug in my phone. The animation for the optimize feature is a little cheezy but its a fairly small app the does the job well. Other apps might look better but this one really works.

  • shlxetkmsuf

    shlxetkmsuf Nexus 4: Does the job well. This small app has helped me with a charging problem in the battery's chip. By the way, a Louder Sound when charging is complete would be welcome.


    MIDANZA Ads have taken over Still works but lately every time I open app after a few seconds a full screen ad pops up. Can't remove it. Have to exit app. Is there an ad free version? Can't find one.

  • dawncompany

    dawncompany Love it! I dont normally write reviews, but this app is worth one. I am having issues with my phone charging and battery draining fast. Even though my phone is getting replaced (there is an issue with it), I have to say that this app is amazing. Last night was first night I could leave phone off a charger overnight, and battery percentage only went down 1%. I am super impressed and highly recommend this app! Awesome

  • blueridgemed

    blueridgemed Good, so far. The only thing this app is missing is a one-touch widget for a quick boost. Otherwise, good so far. Perfect!

  • tutorjam

    tutorjam MultiMediaManiac I love to listen to music, make movies, and play games with my Alcatel Fierce 2. Battery saver is giving more life to my phone and there ever was before. love it! Surprisingly

  • Panda2Kidz

    Panda2Kidz my battery saver is the best battery saving app for me. Amazing!

  • slarballids

    slarballids The best app...try it out!!! This battery app does the job for my phone. I've went through so many apps, but this is by far one of the best apps I've used in a long time. Thank you for fixing my problem with my buttery. Well done!!