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Battery Saver - Free الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد

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الإصدار: 1.2.3
حجم: 1.3M


★ COMODO البطارية التوقف ★
البطارية التوقف تساعدك على زيادة battert وقت الحياة تصل إلى٪ 50

كمودو البطارية التوقف يجعل هاتفك / بطارية لوحي آخر في مجموعها الكثير أطول ويخفض عدد المرات التي تحتاج لوضعها على الاتهام. من خلال انها ميزة التحسين الذكي، يتم تطبيق بتعديل توفير الطاقة تلقائيا التحركات البطارية نحو الإرهاق. يتيح التطبيق الذي التبديل بسرعة بين طرق توفير الطاقة وتعطيل التطبيقات التي تستهلك الطاقة بنقرة واحدة. كما يولد كمودو البطارية التوقف التنبيهات عندما، على سبيل المثال، البطارية يجب أن يكون موصول من تهمة ويعطيك تفصيلي بالضبط التطبيقات التي تستخدم أكثر قوة.


* ذكي حفظ - التبديل تلقائيا من الوضع العادي إلى وسائط الاقتصاد عندما تصل طاقة البطارية مستويات منخفضة

* لمحات الطاقة - سهولة إنشاء التشكيلات الجانبية المخصصة التي تتناسب مع الاحتياجات المحددة لأنماط استخدام جهازك

* المتقدم بطارية الإخطارات - يذكرك عندما البطارية قد وصل إلى كامل تهمة، وينبغي أن تكون منفصلة عن التيار الكهربائي

* تطبيقات سريعة - تمكين أو تعطيل الميزات مع لمسة واحدة لتمديد بسرعة عمر البطارية

* استخدام Stats- في لمحة إحصاءات اقول لكم التطبيقات والميزات والرسم أكثر قوة تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Battery Saver - Free

  • neeshu

    neeshu Great product. This battery saver works so well. It reliably turns your data and WiFi off and quickly turns it back on when needed. Makes my s5 mini last about twice as long. I've tried many battery savers and this one is the best. Well done comodo.

  • jpaster948

    jpaster948 IMPRESSIVE HAD CM Battery until I disocovered COMODO Battery Saver has a smaller footprint, and MANY more clear and understandable user options that allow me to taylor the app to my specific needs. I use other COMODO products and have found the quality and reliablity to be consistently superior to that of their competitors. Thank you COMODO and keep it up!

  • kaushikrajpara

    kaushikrajpara Couple of problems... Nexus5 I'm not certain that this battery saver helps conserve my battery. It does not require much energy to use it, which is good. The numbers inside the battery display for the charge level need to be larger. Also, the charge level often gets hung up and does not reflect a fresh charge until you actually enter the program. Then it resets to reflect the fresh charge. Update the GUI interface with some more attractive and modern looking graphics. This mgr has been around for years; needs a facelift.

  • smarks70

    smarks70 Amazing. I've tried over 15 battery saver apps but none really satisfied me. But Comodo was the one!!!The best of the best. If you find a battery saver that would keep your battery at 100% in economy mode the 8 hrs or more you sleep (from 0:00-10-00) please let me know lol It's also amazing when you choose gaming mode if you are a true player. Try it for awhile and you'd see what I'm saying!!! Keep up the great work you awesome creators and thank you !!!

  • toolbatterypacks

    toolbatterypacks Very good interface Very good interface, easy to learn and use. But doesn't feel like your other products. I hope you will remedy it in the future.

  • walkstewart

    walkstewart Excellent app I have been using this app for three days and it is absolutely great. Easy to setup and use. I have seen a marked improvement in my Samsung S4 Mini's battery life! The app runs quietly in the background and to date there have been no irritating ads popping up. I must add that I have tried and discarded a number of well known battery managers, and this one is the best. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an app that can monitor and improve their battery life. Well done to the development team!

  • hyrgjx

    hyrgjx Very good app. Great app, but i think that "charging complete" notification must disapear when charger unplaged. Best regards.

  • airpro

    airpro Clean Most preferred after trying up to ten of the most highly rated battery apps. It does exactly what I wanted... Thanks !

  • WoWLvling7

    WoWLvling7 Stops working Have been using Comodo for many years both on my computer (paid version) and phone and have not had a problem until I upgraded to Android 5.0.2. Since then Comodo Battery Saver has frequently stopped. I have it set to turn off wifi and data between the hours 2300-0600. A number of times now it hasn't turned back on and I've had to physically turn it on. I may have to uninstall it, which would be a shame. Can you offer any explanation?

  • moodoggyash

    moodoggyash Yes I highly recommend this product. This is the third phone I have used this on and I have never had to replace a battery.

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