Battle Bay‏ for Android

Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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  • nfijhcqix

    nfijhcqix Good game Great and fun game with plenty of room for improvements. Needs to have friendlist, pre-made match making, guild wars and such. Recommend

  • ibrah12

    ibrah12 Great Great game!i liked it and pls add some kind of friend list so we can chat among friends in the game and its hard to find the player in the game so pls make a chart of all the players online?LAST AND FINAL PLS MAKE A GUILD WAR OR SOMETHING WHERE GUILDS FIGHT AND PLS FOR THE GUILDS I THE LEADERBOARDS PLS MAKE A SYSTEM THAT U GET MORE LOOT THAN USUAL DUE TO POSITION IN GUILD LEADER BOARD Works great

  • PeterWendt

    PeterWendt Custom Control Button Please add customize control button.. seem ur default button arrangements is for kid's fingers.. might be toodler..some of the button r too close to each other.. and other too far at the corner. Well done!!

  • ulmbwjdny

    ulmbwjdny Great game This game is pretty good, i also think it was also great that you guys kind of changed genre when you made this game, since you guys did make angry birds. One of my other reasons why i liked this because it reminded me of a certain game I played (not gonna say it) but this time its on water so thanks for the game. Amazing!

  • jigarwala

    jigarwala Love the game BUT I've shot a couple of people from point blank and long range with the sniper rifle, see the hit explode and nothing happens to them. Died a few times due to this problem where we both have low health. Since I posted the original message my mortars only do damage every 3rd shot now. Worth a go!

  • Phychoroxeshy

    Phychoroxeshy Suggestion I lke to have a suggestion cause i encounter a epic box but the problem is im alwys lacking battle stars. What imean is that is it possible to increase battle stars storage for us low lvls. Tnx. Hope you like my suggestion. Overall the game is very addictive. Also team chat during the game to have a organize team in attacking. Great job

  • Grinerews

    Grinerews addictive fun and addictive but I hope you guys could come up with features that will enable us to choose our allies. like having a room ang picking up friends and good ship lineup for better multiplayer experience. Superb!

  • theonlinetv

    theonlinetv Super Awesome Game, But the update... This game is so cool especially with the visual effects! Cool Graphics, Great Gameplay. Sometimes it lags but it's okay, great weapons and ships! Please add more Ships and Items, Thanks Rovio and Battle Bay Team/Developers! Muito bom!

  • Daphne007

    Daphne007 Match making sucks Please update the match making, it's very unbalance. It should be base on levels not points Marvelous

  • Triblevielt

    Triblevielt WE NEED MORE PLAYERS! The game is so fun just 1 problem: I don't see our guild on the top list... "Kingdom Of Fire." we recently had 28000+ infamy. Thanks for the game devs! 5 star

  • iautobodyparts

    iautobodyparts fix the sound problem for most of the user's fix the sound.. after watching ads the ingame sound doesn't play anymore fix that pls. other than that is awesome Must have

  • csvetana

    csvetana Great,fun but needs a little bit improvements☺☺☺ This is my favorite game but i think it needs a little bit improvements like can u add pvp with freinds? And can u lowerd the unfair mismatches? And also the biggest improvement you should add in the next update the GUILD WARS because why is there a guild system but theres no guild wars? Well still great game and i hope i will see this improvements in the next update see you soon in the next update great developers Works great

  • quincybarrer82

    quincybarrer82 it's a great game, except for some bugs but aside from that it's totally addicting. i hope there's a guild war and a duel match please Enjoy it!

  • stentierb

    stentierb Good BOOM i like the way that i can get shooter mk3 speeder mk3 enforcer mk3 defender mk2 fixer mk2 and i get massive hp! you can blow up other ships easily! all you have to do is choose some of your best weapons but not the wons with a lock at the top dont wast all your dimands. WARNING you know you can get shark attacks so be carfull Perfect

  • germemari

    germemari Outstanding! Good graphics, nice mechanics. Downsides are: no create team to play with friends, 28 seconds ads sometimes annoying if it wasn't for the rewards, no ship avatars lol, matchmaking is unfair sometimes, but overall it is one of the most amazing games i have ever played. Great time killer . Good job :) Superb!

  • kristopherme1127

    kristopherme1127 GAME LACKS A FEW THINGS Needs better battle paring. Infamy does not do a good job of paring up battles. The game also lacks the element of coop game play with friends. Sort of a guild war. Its badly needed by this game. Or this game will get tired very fast. Great!

  • rectpratSturo

    rectpratSturo I have a request in rovio Please fix matchmaking because sometime it's mismatch for example level 20 vs level 9 ? Please base on level not in infamy and also expand sugar storage and make the shop not randomized for freedom to buy an item and decreased the training time at least 10-25% please do it in next update please!!!!!! Go well

  • oleg15

    oleg15 This game is the best! PROMISE! Hopefuly you and your Friends can play that can pick allies or enemy. That could be the best PROMMMMMISSSEEE Good

  • Spaceworks

    Spaceworks So cool i keep winning I want you give me a one wish pls pls can you make me for lvl6 that all i wanted because i want a sniper canon that all pls pls that the best game ever my name at the game Mr.BeastRookie. Flawless

  • bigluv

    bigluv Decent I like the game but it Takes alot oftime to train em.And matchMaking Unbalance im a lv 9 AN I FACED A TEAM OF lv10-20 With ATEAM of lv9-13! Recommend