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Tyson Ibele

الفول الصبي يريد للوصول إلى النجوم! يمكنك مساعدته على الوصول الى هناك؟

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حجم: 31 MB


إرسال فول بوي تحلق في الهواء في هذه البسيطة، لعبة الادمان حيث يجب عليك مساعدة صغيرة، الصبي اسفنجي تحقيق أحلامه. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Bean Boy‏

  • heenuelpheame

    heenuelpheame Adorable It has simple yet advanced game play and graphics and you can interact with Bean Boy while you go up, it's extremely cute and easy to use, well done ❤ Marvelous

  • qmpztoy

    qmpztoy Whats the ending scene? I got to about 21000 ft and passed a sign that says thanks for playing and the end of the unknown universe sign. Does that mean I beat the game because after that I just seen a black sky with stars ... Great job

  • oyswnxur

    oyswnxur Bean Boy Great child friendly game with clean graphics and easy game play, but is difficult at first but once strategy is set it becomes easier. Great!

  • bqkrbqjxrbp

    bqkrbqjxrbp Adorable Needs Google play and some achievements but apart from that, adorable game. Love it. Superb!

  • erwinpope49

    erwinpope49 Addictive It's so adorable I can't stop playing this the higher u go the cuter it gets cupquake and jacksepticeye would love this game I fell in love with this game to cute Must have

  • Williamiseze

    Williamiseze So cute so fun does not lag best addicting game ever I'm about to get another game by the people who made this one Works great

  • abhinavmallick

    abhinavmallick Great game... Its cute, its different, it gives positive feeling that you may fall down when going up, but you don't die, rather you gain stars. Those stars are Like micro wins. For going up in life, micro wins are essential. Good example of it. Worth it!

  • Codadiffgooxy

    Codadiffgooxy I LOVE THIS GAME It is so cute! I normally hate putting the music on in games, but this one's, at least it's not the same song playing over and over. I like how you don't die, you just fall down. The ads also aren't obnoxious, just when you fall down. I love it. Works perfectly

  • gjergji

    gjergji Cute and addictive The the little boy that's shaped as a bean is awesome and cute.And the game is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so coool Omg

  • biz_mall

    biz_mall Addicting It's one of the only good mobile games that I play, it doesn't lag for me, and I also kind-of want a plushy of the character.

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