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hua weiwei

بسيطة ولكنها تسبب الادمان لغز لعبة.

( 248,822 )
الإصدار: 39.0
حجم: 18.26 MB


والهدف هو إسقاط كتل من أجل خلق وتدمير خطوط الكامل على الشاشة عموديا وأفقيا. لا ننسى أن تبقي الكتل من ملء الشاشة في هذا لغز لعبة الادمان. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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  • zzwtkrfxq

    zzwtkrfxq معفنه جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جداجداجداجداجداجداجداجدا معفنه اوي اوي اوي

  • nrbtxbmmtt

    nrbtxbmmtt السلام عليكم .......صدقوني لعبه روعه وتحتاج1الذكا2الدقه 3لا تستعجل)))))(اشكركم جزيل شكر و وفقكم نشالله وشكرا

  • emmhep

    emmhep اللعبه جمييله لكن اتمنى يكون فيه وسائل مساعده أو تعديل أو مسح

  • firstaidpro

    firstaidpro Highly recommended Totally addictive. ..There are several similar games like this but. ..not one of them comes close to the top! Great fun. . . Thank you Awesome

  • ExtiltCib

    ExtiltCib Too many ads Would rate and give all five stars but ads interrupt game and mess up play. Then you have ads at end and beginning of each game. Also you can't flip direction of the blocks. Overall game is addictive and hard to stop playing. Recommend

  • ritaall

    ritaall GREAT TIME KILLER At first i was sceptic but after a couple of minutes playing , i just lost count of time... great game . great time killer.. Great Job Developers. Perfect!

  • nawaqbaf

    nawaqbaf Fun and addicting A really good game to play whenever you're bored, doesn't need WiFi so you can play it wherever you are! love it

  • rfrigault

    rfrigault Its okay The game is so fun and think able, but the ads just gets in the way and just ruins the game. Recommend

  • aiyyqmwrnvl

    aiyyqmwrnvl 'Close ads' only works for a little while I like this game, but when I click close today's ads, it only works for a short time... then, here they go again. They need to stay closed for at least 6 hours whether or not I'm constantly playing. When I answer the phone and then return to the game, ads have reset/started again. Not cool. wow lol

  • cyownggsk

    cyownggsk Omg wow LITTERALLY the most ADDICTING game I have ever EVER played other than tiny tower like I play at least 2 hours lf this game a day Awesome

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    hua weiwei
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