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Rexet Studio

تفاعل المستخدمين, عمليات الشراء الرقمية

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الإصدار: 6.6.3
حجم: 79 MB


لعب رائعة دينامية أول شخص مطلق النار مع الأصدقاء وغيرهم من اللاعبين على الانترنت. جمع مع الأصدقاء في فريقك، إنشاء عشيرة والفوز معا في معارك حيوية.
شراء الأسلحة، ورفع مستواه، وتغيير شكل أسلحة والطابع الخاص.

** وسائط **

اللعبة لديها أكثر من 15 لعبة وسائط مختلفة يمكنك من خلاله تحديد:

- فريق الموت
- سباق الموت
- لعبة السلاح
- العاب الجوع
- البقاء على قيد الحياة الكسول
- قفزة الأرنب
- تصفح

** خرائط **

أكثر من 60 خرائط مختلفة، حيث كل يوم هناك معارك حيوية.
من خرائط صغيرة لمجموعة صغيرة من الأصدقاء، لخرائط كبيرة على التي لديك للعمل بجد لتحقيق الفوز.

** ** الأسلحة

أكثر من 40 نوعا من الأسلحة مثل المسدسات والرشاشات والمدافع الرشاشة والبنادق والمدافع الرشاشة والبنادق والأسلحة المشاجرة.

** الجلود وملصقات **

تغيير مظهرك الأسلحة الخاصة بك مع جلود وأيضا لا تنسى أن عصا لاصق.
كل هذا يمكن أن تحصل في الحالات مجانا وفي لعبة العملة، والتي يمكنك الحصول على المعارك. إنشاء الأسلحة نظرة فريدة من نوعها، إلى أن يحسد من قبل حتى أصدقائك.
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تعليقات حول Block Strike‏

  • Walbea

    Walbea It's ok but.... 1,the severs will not load,2 the guns cost to much,3 every time I go one the sever it says timeout and it brings me back the the home screen. Please fix and I will rate 5 Works perfectly

  • Securitization

    Securitization Amazing! The only thing I would like is a level builder. You must think about that. Bricks,grass, and water. Then just add slantable floors, premade assets, like a wall with a hole, A FORT, and a stairs... yep... wow lol

  • adleycalvin009

    adleycalvin009 Lags to much When I was playing AWP mode my fps went down to 1 fps at then said sorry you have been kicked out when no body was kicking me out. If you fix this I will make it 5 star again. Works perfectly

  • beaconfir

    beaconfir The best game ever and have some update suggestions Alright best game ever but if u can make a suggestion from me this game will be even greater so can u please make a thing where u can place blocks and break them with a shovel so please take my suggestion and this game will be perfect and can u put in a mode with single player and i will give u 5 stars Great!

  • aggelinasmile

    aggelinasmile Its too buggy The bugs were not fixed some were added it keeps saying that Google play services has stopped and I can't sign in to my account or make any purchases 5 stars when this is fixed and overall great game Worth it!

  • skitra

    skitra Interesting, in a good way but hen I play I can't log in to Google play and when I walk the walk button gets stuck and when I aim my guy starts walking to and I don't know if it's my tablet or what but plz fix it and I only played for couple minutes. Pretty good

  • albertwiliss

    albertwiliss New Block Strike Community Hey Guys that play Block Strike! Install Amino and Search Up Block Strike Community, it's a community I made where people can chat. Have fun and make friends :D Works great

  • keval123

    keval123 I love this game but one suggestion. I love this game after a few days of playing it I tried bunny hop and when I fell after getting to a non Jump area I restart at the beginning,can you add checkpoints so then players can try to retry the part they missed then just starting all the way at the beginning,thanks for reading this I hope you do it!☺ Omg

  • nithiyakalamani

    nithiyakalamani COM ON It is great overall BUT FIX THE ISSUE THAT WHEN I LEAVE A ROOM THAT I WON'T LOOSE THE MONEY I WOULD RECIVE I haven't received my money for a while now and by now I would of had 12000 money and a higher lvl plz fix Perfect!

  • cJouttMowvop

    cJouttMowvop Hello rexet I liked the game so much But i hate the ads please remove it and its glitching so much When i finish a room and make a Nice score i dont get a money even if i play hardest i can it glitchen Every time Really need to fix that I really perriceate the game i like it so much ao please fix it Superb!

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