Boxing Champion 5-Street Fight for Android

Hs Arcade Fighting Game
الحقيقي لعبة القتال الممرات ، تعطيك قوة الكمال الملاكمة تجربة اللعبة.
  • vanshja

    vanshja It can be fun ... If you just play it in short sessions. Like most games of this genre in the Play Store, controls feel sluggish (sometimes it's almost impossible to grab coins), hit detection is off and gameplay is painfully repetitive at times. As I said before, though, just keep your gaming sessions short and you should get a decent amount of fun out of this title. Enjoy it!

  • KentonNewton

    KentonNewton Really cool Lol,It reminds me of King of Fighters mixed with Double Dragon.The graphics and sounds are great,and it's easy to play!I like how the sprites look like them too,but the special skills are clearly original and awesomesauce! Love it! Recommend