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Candy Mobile

كسر السجن هو السجن لعبة الهروب # 1 التي تمزج الألغاز والإجراءات.

( 216,790 )
الإصدار: 1.0.13
حجم: 11 MB


كسر القواعد هي طريقة أكثر متعة من اللعب بها. وكسر السجن أكثر متعة، خصوصا ومؤطرة كنت في السجن!

وقد حكم عليك بالإعدام لجريمة لم يرتكبها لك. الآن تحتاج إلى وضع خطة مفصلة للهروب من السجن ومسح اسمك. كمهندس ميكانيكي الرائعة، تحتاج إلى بناء أدوات في الخلية الخاصة بك أولا. ثم سرقة مفاتيح من الحراس، واكتشاف طريق الهروب من خلال حل الألغاز، والخروج من السجن من قبل التسلل إلى نفق الهروب تحت السجن. هل أنت مستعد للهروب وإثبات براءتك الآن؟

لعبة الميزات:
- الألغاز منحنية العقل بالاضافة الى الادمان العمل لعبة اللعب
- تقشعر لها الأبدان جو وصور جميلة
- 40+ مستويات التحدي في 8 خلايا تحت عنوان مختلفة تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Break the Prison‏

  • jjnichols3176

    jjnichols3176 Need help !!!!! How to do prison 5-5 pls tell by far the game is great .. just lack of hint pls tell Recommend

  • stevewoodwar821

    stevewoodwar821 Cannot get through prison 4.. I might have tried atleast 20 times to solve the puzzle that includes a clock.. But all in vain.. Please help!!! Really like this game!! Fabulous!

  • Irrisseidiods

    Irrisseidiods Good, but I entered the secret code after shaking my phone, still I am not able to pass the level. Please fix this bug. Flawless

  • a2283753

    a2283753 Great but bug Played awsome but once I was playing what happen the whole screen is white with all the things in that game without the level after it was ok but again and now it want even play plz help for 5 ;) 5 star

  • ivorypage1230

    ivorypage1230 Break the prison In every stage there is clue so do not give up and keep trying until you win the game. wow lol

  • EstitaSak

    EstitaSak I love it I beat the game and now trying to get all 3 stars. I bought one of the light bulbs to help me beat one escape room but it won't let me use it can you please fix it so I can beat it!!! Took down from 5 Recommend

  • xmajdax

    xmajdax Answers to last levels of P4-8 P4 - set the clock same as your phone's time and shake den slide up to open. P5 - scratch the wall then solve problem. P6 - scratch the wall shake your phone and match the code with the reflection. P7 - break lamp and drag the key to the lock. P8 - set 1st clock same as ur phone time n set 2 clock as mirror image of the 1st. Eg. If its 9 then 2nd clock should b 3. Then shake phone and slide upwards. Thank you Worth it!

  • pnagpal

    pnagpal Great game BUT I've completed prison Level 6 and had to redo the last prison 10 or 11 times. It's giving me one star for passing but I cannot open prison number 7! Please help.. other than this glitch the game is a lot of fun great to pass the time. Go well

  • timeoftheheathen

    timeoftheheathen Break prison Made me laff so much as swinging lines etc really happens in prison bought back the memory of being in jail Snm Hope u ad more to game really enjoyed though 5 star

  • jqhgton

    jqhgton To many ads Way to many ads and getting tired of prison 2's combo lock. Getting the code is fine. Trying to find out how to open the door is another thing. Great!

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