تحميل BT Notification للحصول على الروبوت


BT طالب التواصل مع الهاتف الذكي عن طريق تثبيت هذا apk في الهاتف الذكي

( 6,750 )
الإصدار: 1.3.19
حجم: 214k


(1) أولا، قم بتثبيت هذا APK في هاتفك الذكي
(2) ثانيا، إذا عليك أولا تثبيت هذا APK، إعداد بعض الشروط وفقا للخطوات العملية.
(3) ثالثا، تشغيل البلوتوث في الهاتف الذكي ومواطنه طالب
(4) وأخيرا، يمكنك البدء في البلاغ. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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  • BT Notification APK می توانید دسترسی به مخاطبین خود را
  • BT Notification APK می توانید دسترسی به پیام های خود را
  • BT Notification APK ممکن است هزینه پول خود را

تعليقات حول BT Notification

  • Quortiodo

    Quortiodo Hi, just bought VCcall U8Plus and have a Moto G 3rd Edition. If you've already paired your watch/phone a lot of the watches functions won't work. You need to unpair on both devices and on your phone under Bluetooth, check to make sure you have all boxes ticked for phone, media, contact sharing. I also downloaded SmartWear from Galapad, and the msgs and camera now work they didn't previously just using this App Works perfectly

  • Byufvrxni

    Byufvrxni Works great!!!! Samsung S6active is my device. Would not connect first couple of tries for sms and camera. After changing some settings on my phone it synced fine. I went into security under settings and allowed apps to see notifications and control them . The messages come through fine . The Bluetooth camera is awesome too!!!! Great job

  • mingqi001

    mingqi001 Readme Switch off the watch. install this program on your phone. install SmartwatchBT4 apk on your phone. Do not open either. go to accessibility option of your phone. the BT notification and Smartwatch notification option should be there. switch on both. switch on bluetooth of your phone and make it discoverable. full charge the watch and switch it on. when the phone finds the watch pair them. Fabulous!

  • MicheleMajor

    MicheleMajor Clear instructions! After getting the watch you have to install "smile notification" make sure you ALLOW the popup. The unclear tricky part now is.... When u click message or music etc it will say, install "BT NOTIFIER" so again go to store search BT notifier . apk. .. install it accept and ALLOW. For the last part, assuming it still comes up with the "install" message, DISCONNECT bluetooth, then RECCONECT it to your phone. (U may have to this 2 or 3 times) Enjoy! :) Well done!!

  • mitcheldunca410

    mitcheldunca410 Perfect Bluetooth Notifier! Finally found an app that works! Synced up right away with my smart watch. If you're having trouble finding a good BT notifier app, look no further! Worth a go!

  • lorenzobrewe1230

    lorenzobrewe1230 Instructions are in very poor english and difficult to understand. Took a lot of work for me to find the correct version online and in play store that goes with the phone I purchased. Links in doc are dated and did not work. The app seems to sync time and phone data. With a little work I was able to get time to sync and I can use it basically as a time piece and a bluetooth mic/headset. The address book does not down load names, the sms sync feature does not work. It just says to load this app..BT notification on my phone, I have done that.. For what I paid for a smart watch, i shouldn't be surprised, but I am disappointed. It has helped me to decide that I do want a smart watch. Just going to spend more for features Perfect!

  • guymacdonald12

    guymacdonald12 Finally an app that works for this smart watch. I tried dozens of apps trying to get my U8 based smart watch to work. All it could do is calls and play music until I installed this. Now I can read texts and use the remote camera. Still no way of changing from Celsius to Fahrenheit but a step closer to useful. wow lol

  • josefmoore37

    josefmoore37 Trick to make it work First I downloaded it then it did not work. I uninstalled it, unpaired my devices, turned the smart watch off and downloaded it again. When I turned my smart watch off and paired my devices, it already works. I gave 4 stars because I still dont know if everything works (just like my notifications) but my messages synced. Muito bom!

  • sanjay1974

    sanjay1974 Could be good I just brought the dz09 and tells me download this app. I did and it works sometimes but needs big improvement. I keep getting the apk not connected and this what stop it from work correctly. Now wish i spend more money to get the real deal. Fabulous!

  • noradrenalin svenska strattera

    noradrenalin svenska strattera I had problems with getting messages to work on the watch it kept saying I need to download btnotice. When I read the reviews 1 person said to download this app and another app that looks exactly the same except it's spelled out in one word btnotificaton. So I downloaded both apps restarted my phone and watch and now it works. Hope this helps. 5 star

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