Buttocks, legs and hips workout‏ for Android

المدرب الخاص بك للحصول على الساقين الكمال والأرداف والوركين. تجريب الجسم المثالي
  • nikeshoes888

    nikeshoes888 V good app I was suprised how it good this app is.. hope to see results.. im shattered after my first attempt Perfect


    THOMASHGREEN Works as well as you do Early days but I like how you can see how to do the exercises also great thst yu can tailor them to how much time you have. If you do the work the app will work 5 star

  • namitha9w

    namitha9w Fun Add weights and squats to nearly every single exercise and you'll have a really great workout Awesome

  • OmnemRau

    OmnemRau Very good app. Love it But I need to know. Will my hip and thighs increase or reduce because I need them to reduce. Please reply Awesome

  • nntto345

    nntto345 Great App! I noticed a difference within a week. I can set the routine as per my need. That's fantastic.

  • shruti123

    shruti123 Love it So easy to use and u can do it at home any time it also reminds you that its practice time

  • xavier2008

    xavier2008 Great Allows you to make your own intervals and push yourself, not super time consuming great app

  • PCScomp

    PCScomp Good workout I'm a beginner after several months of not exercising. This app is a great way to challenge myself to get in the habit of exercising daily. My muscles are warm and tingly after only 6 minutes. I like being able to adjust my reps/sets and I like the countdown prep feature as well as the countdown during moves.

  • extreme1rulz170

    extreme1rulz170 Love it This app pushes you to a limit I even broke a bit of a sweat definitely a great download if your trying to feel the burn in your legs

  • JeffSlaton

    JeffSlaton Viewed and set to begin I looked at the exercises. There's nothing to damage my back or knees. There are enough moves to avoid the plateau effect. I'll rate it again in two weeks.