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الإصدار: 2.1.0
حجم: 54M


الهدف من هذه اللعبة هو الخروج من الغرف. حل الألغاز واعثر على جميع العناصر المخفية التي عليك استخدامها في الغرفة للتقدم إلى الغرفة التالية.
تحد نفسك في لعبة ألغاز شعبية وممتعة وإدمانية ومجانية.

يتوفر حاليا 12 غرفة صعبة!

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تعليقات حول Can You Escape‏

  • dayornightschool

    dayornightschool Dope This game is pretty cool. A few glitches in that you have to hit the exact spot for a few things but it's a blast!!!! Got my full attention. I wish there were more levels though. Fabulous!

  • Algis3fk

    Algis3fk Fun or Annoying It's nice and stuff but it's soooooooooo annoying and every time I finish level 10 this app says that I have to write a dumb review to make other people download this game and now I can't even play the game. And a 10 year old is saying this Great job

  • fidelitycopier

    fidelitycopier Entertained Good challenge. .. but I wish it would let your brain take a break and pick up where you left off instead of making you do it all over again. Works perfectly

  • ingevaice

    ingevaice Gave me a lil headache lol This game was fun and easy till i got to level 5, but i had so much trouble on the tenth one Well done!!

  • dorffmphpqo

    dorffmphpqo Nice game But home make some essy but not so easy coz who can know the puzzle is in the wall no sign of clue when u not watch the video Fantastic

  • ymarkyoung

    ymarkyoung Fun but simple and just click till something happens Sometimes you get stuck cause you don't click in the exact spot sometimes it's frustrating that it's so linear Awesome

  • princebickers

    princebickers It is so fun! This game is unlike many other boring games. I eventually become bored on other games but this game is just so much fun and it never gets tiring! I REALLY recommend getting this game. Awesome

  • kekecute

    kekecute Tough but fun I loved it! Sometimes escaping was hard but that made it fun! And incase you can't figure it out there's a "?" in the corner of the screen so you can figure it out, you just have to watch the video. I thought it was really fun, and whoever else is thinking about getting it you should, you'll have a lot of fun with it. Amazing!

  • Ineleadia

    Ineleadia Not too easy, not too hard I love the Mobigrow escape games. They're all excellent, and not so difficult I get bored and lose interest. I haven't chosen to get the ones that don't allow you to deny call/wifi/location access (Tower, Tower 2, Craft and Quest), but I have all the rest with all their bonus packs. No glitches with any of them, at any level. Excellent stuff! Please give us more levels :-) Worth it!

  • usinsurancenet

    usinsurancenet Challenge!! This game keeps me on my toes. Always paying attention to every detail. Only thing is a lot of the clues/ puzzles are kinda the same #s n colors. But I still love it n will keep playing!! Fabulous!

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