Candy Crush Saga for Android

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  • OpanoxakBoif

    OpanoxakBoif Love this game The waiting time for lives and the next episodes are a bit too long. But overall I still love this game over candy crush soda saga. The recent update made the game have a glitch to it though and the sound won't work properly. I go to settings to check if they're on and they are. So I turn it off then back on and they work for about 20 second before cutting back out. Fabulous!

  • avonskidrauhl

    avonskidrauhl Nice but slow When i was using tecno y4 which is small, i enjoyed candy so well... No i bought tecno L8 which is more bigger in ram and screen size, candg doesn't load my competitors, it takes almost a day to load my friends... Pls help Awesome

  • barryfree

    barryfree Lots of fun This game is not functioning properly. I need a ticket to cross the bridge but the asp will not allow me to send it. It looks like it's loading up friends and then shuts down. Please fix Recommend

  • hfclarke

    hfclarke Bs It's been a great game for a long time, but now I'm on 1858 and it won't connect any more. Lost all my lives and bonus I had saved by uninstalling and it still won't work! Great!

  • djkarlc

    djkarlc I'm very upset I have lost all of my boosters why you people do this...please get me back all my hard earned boosters..this is second time I have lost all please help Superb!

  • phyllidalewis

    phyllidalewis Fun Very entertaining game. I'm a bit disappointed because I upgraded to a new phone and when I started playing on the new phone all my prizes were gone. I was still on the same level but all the prizes I had never showed up :( Flawless

  • tf2010r123

    tf2010r123 Some levels need tweeking Digital gaming should be challenging and rewarding. As you climb the saga, some levels will take days to win, and that can be frustrating to the point of uninstalling. When you have to go on line for tips, that's a little too much for fun and relaxation. Take note all you C.C. programmers, some levels must be lightened up. Go well

  • alanjohn

    alanjohn Love this game. .have since I first started playing with the old version. I don't seem to have the problems some of the people say they have. Hope they get them fixed. It is such a great game to play even when you get stuck for weeks at a time. LOLOLOL GOOD LUCK ALL AND MOST OF ALL REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN! !! Marvelous

  • GoutamKumarMandal

    GoutamKumarMandal MY SWEET TOOTH CRAVES CANDY CRUSH! I was reluctant to play @first. My GODSIS kept bugging me to try it...I think so I could send her lives. I've been hooked ever since. Candy Crush really is the ONLY Game I have now on my phone! I love how we play with a Futuristic Candy Land from back in the day! I LOVE CANDY CRUSH....I AM ADDICTED! #dontjudgeme love it

  • alpine

    alpine Great Game, but Fix the Bugs! Out of all of the Candy Crush games, this one is the buggiest. With weekly updates, one world think they would be fixed, yet they persist. The lag at times is terrible, messages sometimes don't show up until playing a few levels, help from friends won't show up until all lives are depleted, and challenges that still have days left will be gone the next time the app is opened. Instead of coming out with new games constantly, maybe King should fix the issues with the existing ones. Great job

  • white33707

    white33707 Candy crush saga Ok where is dreamworld the owl is gone I got to level 665 and no more saying good things come to an end . And why is my candy crush an older version. Ok I'm on level 1414 but it won't sync my tablets still on 1412 what happened Fabulous!

  • dhaese

    dhaese OMG! My sister and my grandma are obsessed with Candy Crush. My grandma is on level 125 and my sister she passes like 5 levels at a time or even more cuz she probably is on level 200 you gotta get this out no matter what people say about the glitches they fixed that you gotta get this it's fun helps your brain out makes you smarter because you're with puzzles it's just a really fun game you guys should get it I read it 5 stars Surprisingly

  • equalease

    equalease Amazing! Makers, I love how you respond to requests with workable updates. One more: Could you make a "storage bin" for the free hours won so we can use them when we have time? I'm losing sleep playing them as I get them! Still a fun game after 1750 levels! Highly Recommend.

  • angiepapple

    angiepapple Great game, minor problems. The game itself is fun and exciting. I have re-downloaded it after a couple months away, and I now struggle with new boosters and tasks. Would be helpful if there was a glossary or instructions about new items (like wrapped candies, the weird colorful frog, etc). My game seems to freeze a lot, even if it's the only App open. But other than that, happy as with game! Worth it!

  • AttindyCymn

    AttindyCymn Why not the jackpot No way you can ever spin the wheel and get the big pack. The wheel is cheating. And the game is so so. So don't even think you will get the jackpot spin. But other than that it's ok still ok and still don't get jackpot. Yall cheat still no jackpot 5 star

  • Regoptimizer

    Regoptimizer Fun.... 4 stars only because I've lost so many boosters along the way with freezing or game going into a loop, otherwise would have been an easy 5. I appreciate the quick response by the developers. Awesome

  • Rinjisolly

    Rinjisolly candy crush saga great game i want it back. Some things happen it want pullup. I got to play this game!! You got me hook Please give it back Muito bom!

  • wcmodel

    wcmodel Frustrated Everytime I play the game it shuts down and I lose my booster when I restart my game Help and fix this game. It would be great if you would give lives and boosters back. Good

  • cash2now

    cash2now Candy crush I hate the matching orders it is very difficult for me and it takes the fun out of the game I wish you would get rid of them or at least not have so many it makes me want to guit playing altogether for the most part the game is a lot of fun and addictive Marvelous

  • Pyclerpeplevy

    Pyclerpeplevy PROBLEM WITH BOOSTER Hye there, after i updated my phone all of my boosters were gone, but i am still at the level where my last game is. Can pleasa fix this problem Works great