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Made in Future

CarsBattle الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد

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الإصدار: 1.46
حجم: 53M


البقاء على قيد الحياة من 100 سيارات!

أهرب من الغاز غيبوبة!

كيف يمكن لعبة تجمع بين معركة والسيارات؟

الجواب هو CarsBattle.

الدبابات، مدينة البقاء على قيد الحياة crossy خزان العظمى الساحة العالمية smashy التبديل طريق اللون

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تعليقات حول CarsBattle

  • cheltfest

    cheltfest Fun stuff Yeah the price of new cars is high. Even without the upgrades, it's a fun, challenging game. Go well

  • GregArgoSr

    GregArgoSr How do you change the map? That is my only question. Brilliant game!! Well done Worth a go!

  • whgndp

    whgndp Its good but... Its OK but you only get 1 to 3 dollars per kill and the good cars are at least 9000 dollars plus you can only get the op tank with real money so its kinda pay to win Worth it!

  • bijoycdlm

    bijoycdlm Amazing Well its awesome...but...the fps isnt the best, but its a mobile game so what can you expect. If you could make an option to look like idk crossy road, just the graphics so the fps could be better that would be cool. Also if you could impliment multiplayer i would be a daily player...maybe car customization idk. Overall amazing concept 5 star

  • RichardMcCann

    RichardMcCann It's amazing but I need support in the game to survive easier , like cars support against enemies . Surprisingly

  • pennystockgeeks

    pennystockgeeks Lagging a little The game lags a little with shadows, please fix the bug. Overall the game is good and fun. Just wow

  • iannucci2012

    iannucci2012 BEST Oh my god this is genius! This is just like a James Bond movie with 5he action and the guns it's absolutely amazing I just have one request can you add a separate multiplayer mode please I know it will be amazing! Cool

  • FelicitasHonanie

    FelicitasHonanie Take out cussing, as I saw little kids playing this and they shouldn't be able to hear this Good

  • nikhil75071

    nikhil75071 Needs more content and fixes. Quite enjoying game no doubt, but it needs more game modes to widen selection of experience. Also in-game fixes like bugs and glitches also game engine improvements. 5 star

  • rkziyhr

    rkziyhr Good but the price.... It's a good game for spare time and casual but it's hard to get a lot of new cars. Their price is too high and i dont know if anybody can buy these cars. Either by paying credit card money or earning money in the game!#? That's rude. Must have

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