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Boris J

جمع من نوع مختلف من مواء القط الأصوات ...

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الإصدار: 3.2
حجم: 21M


جمع من نوع مختلف من مواء القط الأصوات، والأصوات هريرة، غاضبة، لطيف ويبدو القط مضحك.

80 المؤثرات الصوتية الحقيقية للاختيار من بينها.

حلقة والتحكم في مستوى الصوت الخيارات.

إخفاء الهاتف ومزحة القط :)

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  • Co0kiie

    Co0kiie Great App My kitten is laying on my bed next to me so I put my tablet at the foot of my bed (so she doesn't think I am making the sounds) and I keep playing the angry ones and she freaks out! Funny app! You should add more sounds like sad cats, and some other things I can't think of at the top of my head right now. Surprisingly

  • thomradbaro

    thomradbaro Love it My cat always goes bananas when i used the angry cat sound really good app Perfect

  • coachhandbags75

    coachhandbags75 Simple and easy. Like most people, I downloaded this app to freak out and/or bother my cats/dogs. I pressed the "about" button and saw the app was deticated to (what I assume is/was) the developer's cat. That made me smile :) Not bad

  • davste2891

    davste2891 Purrfect App I stumbled upon this gem while looking for the catty cat universe app. I myself am a feline fanatic and was overjoyed to discover an app that really speaks to me. I intend to use this app to better understand and my further my relationship with my 32 cats Scamper, scimper, spot, speckle, dot, dotty, chase, chaser, tracer, tracker, jack, Jacky, Jackie, Moony, moon, starry, star, sun, sunshine, sunny, daisy, dandelion, tulip, rose, Tyler, David, Matt, Peter, Chris, doctor, and of course, King Reginald III. Marvelous

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