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حجم: 4.9 MB


Chess Live هي أفضل لعبة شطرنج مصممة لجميع مستخدمي Android ، وهي مجانية تمامًا!

تدعم هذه اللعبة لاعبًا واحدًا ، لاعبين ، حتى تتمكن من اللعب ضد الأصدقاء أو اختبار مهاراتك في مواجهة خصم كمبيوتر صعب وتصادمه.

بالنسبة لوضع لاعب واحد ، تتحد المستويات المختلفة مع محرك شطرنج مثير للإعجاب لنقدم لك تجربة لعب شطرنج رائعة وتحديًا متزايدًا.

مميزات العبه:
- مثالي للألعاب التي تضم لاعبًا واحدًا أو اثنين
- رسومات رائعة والمؤثرات الصوتية رائعة
- أسماء لاعب شكلي
- محرك AI المتميز من 5 مستويات صعوبة مختلفة
- تراجع / الإعادة وظيفة

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تعليقات حول Chess Live‏

  • kremsoft

    kremsoft Fix 2 important things Usually in chess if we & opponent repeat the moves three times d same it would b a this game that significant " three fold repetition " rule is missing...& moreover I'm using galaxy s5 while playing a match in online mode the time display which the seconds clock is crashed on my side but for opponent it s clear.So I can't see d seconds properly....If these was fixed it will get 5 stars certainly !!! Highly Recommend.

  • cywinski

    cywinski It's a torture I am a big fan of chess. Using this app from a long time. It has major network issues. Very lately it developed a serious problem. Unknow pics are loaded in the profile pic, which is a serious matter of ignorance. Please stop this torture Marvelous


    AIFSPR Great way to learn the basics of chess!! Although there are disparity in the levels where you jump from really easy to really difficult this is the best game of chess i have found for learning how to play as a beginner. Muito bom!

  • fbpcamgmge

    fbpcamgmge Please provide eye friendly theme for board and pieces ,"chess-play and learn" app is far better than this app Highly Recommend.

  • buywowgoldvtr

    buywowgoldvtr Good. Freezing or losing connection between players and both player win in there screens after the other times out. Please fix if you can. 3 stars cuz you can also work on the matchmaking which can be improved to skilled based where its bout the quality of the players you win not just wins n loses. Enjoy it!

  • pletcherkwg

    pletcherkwg You can also be able to get a chance to win the game. I am a beautiful person who is the most of the best of luck with that. I have been in a few of them . they were not the only way I could have been a good Player Works great

  • Swbvyipa

    Swbvyipa Needs a top class update Automatically disconnects from server and other player makes no move no achievements computer makes same 1st move in every difficulty and other countless problems glitches fix it wow lol

  • Brexvolto

    Brexvolto Best but abandoned Simply the best chess app available. Its simple and easy to use. Just that the updates are slow or nonexistence. The developers don't respond to email. At the moment don't bother playing this from the tablet. Its even more buggy on there for over a year. The phone however works decently. The opponent just zeroes out on time. It happens so often, that I figured out its a bug as well or a server issue. Opponent can spam draw request. It is really annoying meanwhile your timer is burning. Amazing!

  • pletchereqx

    pletchereqx Exhalent The game is fantastic but we need 1 mins playing option also and we need next opponent searching option not to return home option . Muito bom!

  • MayoffAlott

    MayoffAlott Nice Good nice and fair game for open minded person. I like it, for it levels as you can choose the one level thats suits your mind Flawless

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