Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles for Android

Titan Inc
Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles الإصدار الأخير للأندرويد
  • jerrymaximos12

    jerrymaximos12 Great except for glitch Love all of your puzzles and would give them a 10 if I could...but...your Menards advertisement causes the game to lock up after the game is completed, and you have to close out and start the game over as it doesn't save. I have learned to complete the game except for the last piece, then close. When you reopen, it is saved to that point in case Menards should visit again. I don't know if this is related to my Samsung Galaxy 4 or not, but I do know that Menards is screwing up all the games in your various subjects. I have completed at least 6 or more games in the different subjects and this continues to occur only after Menards advertisements. You fix this and I will give a 5 in all of the games! Well done!!

  • lesterlang1025

    lesterlang1025 Great Nice puzzles, and its nice to have a choice. The only thing that annoys me is that they always starts at the beginning & I have to try and remember which puzzle I did last, which it would start at the next one, to the one you did last or at least where you left it, but other than that I love it. Flawless

  • raymondwilso329

    raymondwilso329 Deedee I like that you can pick how many pieces you want your puzzle to be. Beautiful puzzles. Omg

  • andresmontejo

    andresmontejo Freezes Lost two half way finished puzzles. Where is the save progress button? At 676 pieces that is quite annoying. Good

  • jgillette143

    jgillette143 Christmas jigsaw The puzzles are very colorful! I enjoy having the option available to choose the number of pieces I want to work with. A pleasurable experience.

  • TMDKate

    TMDKate Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle I'm new to doing puzzles on my phone...was lucky to be given one that has a bigger screen! I tried 2 other sites that said "free", but I had to watch videos, or play 1 free puzzle a day:( I just uninstalled them, as your puzzles are bright and beautiful, and I can choose how many pieces to try...i am enjoying 49 pcs...and they are truly FREE!!! THANX!

  • ipadvideolessons

    ipadvideolessons I like it but a few bugs The pieces do not rotate very good and sometimes when puzzle is done it will not move to next puzzle then you have to repeat ir to move on.

  • vmarkets

    vmarkets Love the options and the pictures I love puzzles but have been able to do any since I have little kids bc they would run off with pieces.Now they can help and not loose the pieces.You can also choose how many pieces in the puzzle.

  • edwinsickmeir

    edwinsickmeir Fun Lots of different pictures you can even set it for the little ones to play.Never had a problem with this

  • ntvsottcagq

    ntvsottcagq Fun Lots of different pictures you can even set it for the little ones to play.Never had a problem with this 5 star

  • tonymyles

    tonymyles Puzzles Its fun but you cant really put the peices down and i looked at the comments and 1 person said the same as me

  • cstassi

    cstassi So much fun! So fun to pass time with. The pictures get me more in the Christmas spirit. The fact that it gives you different types of puzzles to choose from is also a neat feature. Best puzzle game I downloaded.

  • worldoftankss

    worldoftankss Loved it This game is very nice .I can save the picture also . Don't forget to download this app

  • LasVegastattoo

    LasVegastattoo Great slide puzzles Games works great on my phone, found the slide puzzles addictive. No issues with this game other than trouble putting it down!

  • tracydillard418

    tracydillard418 Xmas jigsaw puzzles Awesome app ! I really enjoyed putting the puzzle together , I also love the choice of pictures. Are you making more apps like this one?

  • ubesttryxl

    ubesttryxl \(>o<)/\(>o<)/\(・o・)/! I love the pictures & the different options you get in the game... And what I love the most from the game is that we can save the pictures from the puzzled on the phone.

  • thebradfordgrp

    thebradfordgrp christmas jigsaw I love this puzzle. With a click of a button all the puzzle pieces spread around where the puzzle is made. There are alot of choices to pick also. I also love how you can change the background so you can see the puzzl-e pieces better.

  • HumptyDumptyParent

    HumptyDumptyParent Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles A fun game. You can solve puzzles as little as 36 pieces, or as many as 96 pieces. The Christmas pictures are nice and fun to do. I have not had any problems with this app at all.

  • Chrissy25

    Chrissy25 Love it! I love puzzles and these are so pretty. Love the challenge and choice of number of pieces.

  • photostore

    photostore Could be better Suggest being able to save without the puzzle lines showing - would love to be able to use as wallpaper but it's just not as pretty with all the distracting lines. Also, could you hold off on flashing an ad until I get a chance to see the picture. Don't mind the ad but never look at it as I'm eager to see the finished puzzle. And I second that the season is about Jesus. Where is he?