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- تعقب حالة مهام الطباعة
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تعليقات حول Cloud Print‏

  • awthepresident

    awthepresident Now up to working 90% of the time. Needs to be 100. Also very slow. Getting better, but waiting for it to be foolproof. Flawless

  • fishco

    fishco Pancake So like I accidentally mixed milk with flour and an egg that I cracked fell into the bowl I was moving the bowl over the stove (so erratically that the ingredients mixed) as I was plannin on dumping it all out in the sink, some of this stuff fell on a hot pan...the stuff puffed up and looked like a cake so I was like hmm and flipped it. Figured I'd do it intentionally and ended up makin a dozen or so small cakes in my pan!!! Pretty good

  • miron_crina

    miron_crina There is still much to be desired in reliability. I've had several prints not go through, and 3 printed 2 days later after printing more recent ones. The service as a whole seems very buggy and only just shy of mostly reliable. Go well

  • vpoyewpqjdqd

    vpoyewpqjdqd It does work the easy way just as Google explains. I'm printing now from my phone to my printer at work. Very impressive! In addition, if you don't know anything and actually would like to learn, simply type your question in Google search. Like, "How to use Google cloud print", etc. It's 21st century. Use your technology, not for games only, but for improving your level. Do not let only your phone have the prefix "smart". Highly Recommend.

  • cheapestwowgoldpqx

    cheapestwowgoldpqx Great app and idea I had an old printer and hooked up Google Cloud to it and loved that I can print anywhere in the world to my printer. Then I bought a new HP wireless printer and it had ePrint where you can email stuff to it to have a similar function - I said No thanks and hooked Google cloud to it. Google cloud has changed my life and I love printing again (before I would grunt and have to physically get my laptop hooked to the printer, find the content then print- now I print from my phone). Not bad

  • bestwowgoldkqw

    bestwowgoldkqw Awesome Download the latest release of the official Google Cloud Print app. With Cloud Print for Android you can: - Print from any compatible Android device to any Google Cloud Print connected printer - Share a picture or a document from apps like Gallery directly to Cloud Print - Track the status of your print jobs - Process printer invitations. Open invitation links from email in Cloud Print - Find and register new Cloud Ready printers on the local network* Printing from Android has never been easier. Enjoy it!

  • cheapestwowgoldito

    cheapestwowgoldito Great, works everytime My hp laserjet1020 plus printer is my room upstairs, at first I have to transfer my file to the pc and then print it, after installing this service I was able to print my documents by just a click of a button from my living room. Great app works flawlessly. Many don't know to use this app and give it poor ratings. Worth a go!

  • greggorierilleys

    greggorierilleys Works fine people This is not a physical app, it's a plug in, and it works fine. I just got a new printer. I set registered it on my laptop with cloud print and can now print with my phone. It's great. Maybe do some research or ask around before whining like a baby when you don't understand how to use something. Surprisingly

  • peterzzz

    peterzzz I finally got it to work - an hour after installing it. Just after installation, I could not find the print command on the menu of the app from which I was printing. Finally I found out that I needed to "turn on" cloud printing, in the "printing" section of the settings of the phone. To make it worse, to this day I do not know where "printing" is located under settings. But I was able to find it - by "searching" for "printing" under phone settings. Not a great experience and for a non-IT guy there is no chance to succeed. Great!

  • EnglandLogistics

    EnglandLogistics Does what it's supposed to. Just a small note to people having problems. Your printer needs to support Google Cloud Print for it to work. Also, it isn't an app in the traditional sense of the word. It's a service. I can confirm it works flawlessly with a Nexus device and a brand new printer which supports cloud print. Omg

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