كتاب التلوين for Android

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أفضل التطبيق لتلوين العلاج الكتاب هو الآن على الهاتف الروبوت الخاص بك!
  • beck1tea

    beck1tea Love it but... Can we add browns? I know we can concoct it on the color wheel but it's not so easy. Well done!!

  • manojmezhuveli

    manojmezhuveli Good but not great Great pics, but disappointed in the range of colours. It would really benefit from a lot more choice. Enjoy it!

  • sofelitte

    sofelitte Loved it Love it. When I have nothing else to do, this is what I get up to and it calms me down! Love it but I suggest putting some new pictures in to colour :) Well done!!

  • Villaget

    Villaget Good app. The only thing that I see so far is there are no browns. You have to mix them. It would also be nice to save colors into a pencil box so that you could always go back to that same color when needed. Good

  • xgdwjmfudaz

    xgdwjmfudaz i'm not buying single pictures. can you combine all the pictures into one app, i have three altogether from the updates. how did people make the base black lines of the pictures different colors? i looked all through the app and couldn't figure it out. who made those examples and how? Good

  • saur_thak

    saur_thak Needs tweaked If I forget to save a partially done picture, the app should automatically save my progress. Just in a couple of days, I've lost 2 pictures that I'd put a lot of time on :( I really don't like filling in the tiny spaces that didn't get color. First, app needs to zoom more and 2nd, each space should fill completely on the first click of color! I like the variety of pictures and at least u have a color wheel. However it doesn't work as well as others. The artist drawing ladies faces could make them cuter! Well done!!

  • nutchanart

    nutchanart Needs a little work Leaves white spots; no way to fill them. Took several attempts to fill areas. To many ads. I will keep it a 2 weeks to see if there is a fix before I uninstall. It can be a really wonderful app- Works great


    SKILLIAM Lots of mistakes. I want to only color one area and it fills in more. Is ok to just relax and pass time Muito bom!

  • Vqwknyhas

    Vqwknyhas Cool Liked the coloring but it didn't save sometimes when I closed that app but other than that I love it. Well done!!

  • Bargoddess21

    Bargoddess21 Easy to navigate Just as calming and engaging as paper books. It helps stimulate my creative mind. 5 star

  • conservatoryoutlet

    conservatoryoutlet It is a great app but... People the touch is worst.. I mean I have to touch the part 4 to 5 times for filling a color and i guess if there were more color options it would have been great and i would have given you guys 5 stars. But amazing pictures to color. love it

  • fortatmobia

    fortatmobia Amazing......But This is an amazing app, it helps to relax, beautiful art, it has other peoples work for inspiration, it is just wow,but a major flaw is that it doesn't have the colors I'm really looking for. Overall it is an amazing app and if you fix that flaw that ***** Great!

  • Susan_teld

    Susan_teld Color Book Great pics, Would love it if could do own designs with text feature only thing I could see it's missing! Works great

  • SpecBid

    SpecBid Very nicely done! It has two methods for choosing colors... one is quick and easy, but limited; the other lets you create custom colors. Perfect!

  • webmktg

    webmktg I love it Oh my God this is the best game ever and I've seen a lot of great games before so that's why I gave you a 5 star game good job Flawless

  • xktdcbigrwq

    xktdcbigrwq Ehhhh The pictures are beautiful but I don't like all the spaces that won't fill in also I can't blend or shade the colors like in other apps but pictures are lovely Cool

  • steven523

    steven523 So fun when you are bored I love this app so much because it keeps me entertained when I have nothing else to do. I wish that there will be an update soon that will feature more pages to color! Brilliant

  • automatedtrading

    automatedtrading Excellent color selection! Great selection of colors, including the ability to make your own, no need to pay!! Brilliant

  • bestbikestore

    bestbikestore I like the drawings But I don't like the way you select colors and have a hard time finding the same color again once you've gone to a second or third color. Recommend

  • xsospe

    xsospe Best yet This app is easiest to operate and choose shades. You can also zoom in closest of all the apps I have tried. Muito bom!