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Titan Inc

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الإصدار: 1.5.7
حجم: 21.4 MB


انها بانوراما تيتان الألغاز نسخة مجانية مع 4000+ الصور الحرة. ومن اتجاه أفقي وجميع مجانا!

كان لديه طن من الألغاز بانوراما جميلة. وكل صورة اللغز المذهل. فهو يوفر لك الكثير من الخيارات لعبة. يمكنك اختيار حجم قطع اللغز، شكل قطع اللغز، والطرق المختلفة في حل الألغاز، وسواء أكانت العشوائي (تناوب) أو التي تواجه بالفعل الاتجاه الصحيح. قطع اللغز أنفسهم من السهل على التحرك.

1. 4 أنواع اللغز: بانوراما منتظم، خلط ورق اللعب، مبادلة، وتناوب.
2. 9-1600 القطع
3. عرض أفقي
4. تغيير الخلفية
5. استخدام الصور الخاصة
6. المحتوى للتحميل
7. استخدام الموسيقى الخاصة
8. حفظ الصور لSDCARD الخاص بك

انضم إلينا على فيس بوك: تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
اللغز, الألغاز, غرفة, بانوراما,

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تعليقات حول Jigsaw Puzzles Free

  • freshcoatfl

    freshcoatfl I had it installedsince last year. And today it dissapeared. I love this titan .i want it installed back please. I do them every day in my bed. I'm some wha invalid. And i do love this titan puzzles. Thank you Perfect

  • wheeriurb

    wheeriurb Somewhat disappointing Locks up every few minutes for a few seconds. Frequently does not register my touch and may require multiple attempts to move a piece. I do enjoy the ability to use my own pictures however. Muito bom!

  • hdagelic

    hdagelic Downloading done. But I'm sorry to say is still kicking me back to home page. Thank you. Surprisingly

  • QatriNNdc

    QatriNNdc Some of my downloaded puzzles are not showing and I do have enough space on my tablet to download them, when I click the preview of the ones that are not showing the images won't load, maybe that will help you to help me figure out how to resolve this issue Just wow

  • QatriNNml

    QatriNNml Love it, other u need to buy them,they only let u do the first one. This is great wow lol

  • healthcareo

    healthcareo Controls are awkward No pinch zoom - WTF? - , must double tap just to rotate a piece (why not single?), menus are confusing. Nice that you can use your own picture, and that you can choose different piece cut-out styles, but it's so frustrating to use that I'll probably uninstall. Not bad

  • queerderm

    queerderm It's amazing You can choose your OWN music, you can download your favorite categories for FREE, you can choose which kind of puzzle you want: jigsaw, switch, slider, and rotation, AND it has HD pictures. So, how the heck are people leaving bad reviews?! If you love puzzles, get this app, asap! love it

  • QatriNNvs

    QatriNNvs Love the pics. Don't like the screen moving all over while I'm trying to place my pieces. They are also hard to rotate. You'd get a 5 if those things were corrected Great job

  • BrightubeF1C

    BrightubeF1C Good game! One of the only jigsaw puzzle games that works in landscape orientation. This allows me to play it with my tablet docked. Well done!!

  • AtomictangerineF5U

    AtomictangerineF5U Very relaxing My focus is very scattered, but when I am working a puzzle it balanced my focus and in doing so my whole system fell into balanced. So when I'm needing to listen to something such as a sermon in church I can remember all that was discussed! Which is a first for me! Thank You Titan! And I don't have a doctor's bill!!! Brilliant

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