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اللعبة لديها الفيزياء لينة فريدة من أضرار الإشعاع بسبب حادث السيارة التي تبدو واقعية. في اللعبة لدينا، يمكنك ان ترى مجموعة متنوعة من الخيارات تلف جزء واحد من السيارة.

في المستقبل:
سيارات -New.
بطاقة -New.

لدينا تويتر: تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
شعاع الضرر محرك apk 2.1, شعاع الاصطدام محرك apk, شعاع الضرر محرك الروبوت, شعاع الضرر محرك كامل,

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تعليقات حول Beam Damage Engine

  • kruisj

    kruisj Like it Good game but I wish it was more like beamng drive on the pc if you guys could add more stuff and stop the game crashes it would be top notch!!!

  • Snhvznse


  • immersivetech

    immersivetech Not a BeamNG port. The damage is not close to the real one! This game is pretty straightforward; choose a car, slam it against stuff, roll it over or pull some stunts. In a sense it could be said it is a "sandbox racer". The graphics and the gameplay are superb, but the main thing which is the destruction of the cars is bland and not nearly as good as BeamNG. The cars receive only moderate cosmetic damage, they are never even close to get into a true wreck, no matter what you do to them. I highly recommend you to try the free one first to avoid disappointments! Go well

  • bingoeugene

    bingoeugene Awesome but lag I dont know if its my tab 3 or the game is laging but besides that l love it and i got the full verson and it stoped laging Perfect

  • Vaultdenimbryant

    Vaultdenimbryant Can't get on it Every time I load up the app and I press start game it takes me back to the load up screen and takes me to the menu again and again Works great

  • dmckinney23

    dmckinney23 Needs more Its ok but it needs more cars and maps, the suv doesn't work and the drift car looks bugged Perfect!

  • adubetle14

    adubetle14 Needs a few improvments. Great game, but can you add in more realistic damage like I'm beamng drive. And make steering less sensitive Highly Recommend.

  • mia123l

    mia123l Must get Such a cool game anyone can enjoy with realistic mechanics which can go to hillarous extents

  • findfree019

    findfree019 Must get Such a cool game anyone can enjoy with realistic mechanics which can go to hillarous extents

  • mia123l

    mia123l OK, but needs more! This is fun but the cars are hard to control. Also it would be nice if there where more maps to play. The main thing I want is a pause button to pick a different car. Every time I want to switch I have to exit the app. Thanks. Hope to see improvement soon :)

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