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نسخ جهات الاتصال احتياطيًا ومزامنتها عبر جميع الأجهزة
• إجراء نسخ احتياطي آمن لجهات الاتصال الموجودة في حسابك على Google إلى السحابة
• الوصول إلى جهات الاتصال الموجودة في حسابك على Google من أي جهاز

الاحتفاظ بجهات اتصالك منظمة ومحدَّثة
• عرض جهات اتصالك حسب الحساب (على سبيل المثال، حساب العمل مقابل الحساب الشخصي)
• إضافة جهات اتصال بسهولة وتعديل معلومات مثل أرقام الهاتف والبريد الإلكتروني والصور
• الحصول على اقتراحات بشأن إضافة جهات اتصال جديدة ومسح التكرارات والمزيد

يتم دعم جهات الاتصال حاليًا فقط على الأجهزة التي تعمل بنظام التشغيل Android Lollipop فأعلى. تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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  • جهات الاتصال APK می توانید دسترسی به مخاطبین خود را

تعليقات حول جهات الاتصال

  • managementmadeeasy

    managementmadeeasy Bug while adding contact name If I want to add contact's name with a dot(.) then while saving dot will automatically disappear after saving with space.for eg. "" will save as "abc xyz". It was working in earlier releases but doesn't seems working now. Superb!

  • JohnOrtega

    JohnOrtega It's great.. Except I cannot merge contacts!? This is a great app.. I've noticed that I cannot merge contacts; I am required to login through my browser to access this feature.. is it that troubling to do it via app? Luckily, I haven't had not noticed issues everyone rise claims of missing contacts.. Great job

  • qkutrjp

    qkutrjp Best of its kind Pro tip: It's not this apps fault if you end up with all your accounts at once. You control what contacts are synced when you add accounts and other programs. Works perfectly

  • mark1111

    mark1111 Needs better owner account handling. I shouldn't have to set it every time I login to a new phone / after reset / ROM change. Omg

  • segovita

    segovita What, they took away groups?!?! Wow, I'm very disappointed in Google. Do they even use their own apps? There are some things they need to adopt from Apple. Just saying! Well done!!

  • bleakleyrv

    bleakleyrv Missing contact I update my infinix hot 2 last week since then I don't see my contact names again when they are calling me, even when I dialed their number; the moment I send it the name disappeared showing the number alone. Needed help please. Worth a go!

  • NancyThomas

    NancyThomas I like the random colors that get assigned to contacts, but it keeps using the same five or so over and over. It would be nice to have some variety. 5 star

  • jsestate1

    jsestate1 Added multiple duplicate contacts. This app has some serious issue, and Google isn't looking into it. I have around 2000 duplicate contacts in my contact list, and I'm unable to delete them also. Its very annoying sometimes. Pretty good

  • rbshuffel

    rbshuffel Contacts Update seem to be good for contacts especially blocking numbers and looking up business institutions Perfect!

  • prasiddhsecurity

    prasiddhsecurity Image not appearing Image saved for contacts is not appearing on screen while making or receiving calls from contact saved. Fantastic

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