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  • career4u

    career4u Sticky end !! Played this before for a short time , having a second time and it's great, don't remember being this good, beautyfull clear colours and sfx and it has difficulty in some levels and some easier levels. Great stuff so give it a go. Well I'me back for a 3rd time and it's still as good so I think I will stay a while. Perfect

  • center

    center Love this game I do love this games so much because it is about baking thing. But please fixed the bug, because since the latest update the islands (85 island) keep download and appear in my albums folder. It have been the third since i update it. Thanks Great job

  • MubsAbseshy

    MubsAbseshy Update Cookie jam keeps freezing up. You beat the board & it freezes up. You have to start all over again because you have to reset it. It also does it in between the game & you have to reset it, ughhhhhh!!!! Amazing!

  • johnmabetween121rker

    johnmabetween121rker Great customer service I had to reset my phone and in doing so lost all my bonuses, lives and money. There was no hesitation in helping me out, what a tremendous company! Thank you! Flawless

  • shruthireddy

    shruthireddy Freezes Level 2110 freezes before I can finish the level. Last time I had 12 moves to make and it froze on me. Help!!!! Surprisingly

  • nelson96

    nelson96 Freezing Love this game but it kept freezing after the new uodate. I Uninstaller and reinstalled, it's working better but I lost all of my boosters and lives :-( Great job

  • jyethespeedtraders

    jyethespeedtraders Cookie jam craze I started out thinking this would be a great game for my young grandson and it did not require WiFi or data....i found that I may actually like it more than him. Omg


    VIPINNK5 How to play was explained well the difficulty increases and lots of variety. Great grafics Fantastic

  • Windsmusic

    Windsmusic Great game I prefer this game over any Candy Crush game. Puzzles are always different and never too hard that you have to give up. I was once stuck on a level for almost 6 months... with that being said, I've been playing for over 2 years. Thanks Cookie Jam. Oh, and their customer service team is amazing! Fabulous!

  • dumpsterental

    dumpsterental Cookie Jam I had this game for a pretty long time, almost a month ago, I give a rating, that's all I did & after that, I couldn't play it. It was in slow motion & like dragging so I deleted it. SORRY. I missed it, so here I am again, I hope the game will continue to play right. This is an awesome game, & it truly deserved the award it got. Anyone who has not played this one, I highly recommend it. Fabulous game. Great job

  • Tangxinj

    Tangxinj Cookie Jam I've been playing this game for awhile and I love it. The different challenges they add keep it interesting. Just wow

  • rajkumar78

    rajkumar78 Since update Actually i like this game but after update it will cannot open to playing game. Please solve this problem Thanks Muito bom!

  • Caribou_BBT

    Caribou_BBT Error messages When I try to connect with Facebook, I get error messages. It's very frustrating. Please fix it. Surprisingly

  • onlinemarketz7


  • lauraschied

    lauraschied Colorful and exiting very good' Had a little shot and couldn't leave it for hours, I love when an app makes me love my tablet again Cool

  • growthifotch

    growthifotch I'm hooked on this game, I'm trying to clear level 1,500 by January 1,2017 I'm 61yr.old, and that will be my birthday gift to myself, I would like to put a level together for the people to try and clear. I'm on level 1,298 right now today August 21, 2016 Not bad

  • linda25

    linda25 Battery draining ap Fun game but it drained the phone battery very quickly and also clocked up high data usage Must have

  • shamithctg

    shamithctg 4 stars, maybe 3 and a half Was already playing this back in 2014.. up to about level 500 then one day it just went back to level 1. Tried everything u could possibly suggest, but nope, my progress was gone! Compared to others it's not that high, but still! Im playing for the second time HOPE it doesn't happen again. N what's the deal with the customer support people, how come you never reply?? You're good at taking our money but can't be bothered replying! Look, if yous can't fix the issues, or for whatever reason at least apologise! Superb!

  • Gunpreet

    Gunpreet Good puzzles Enjoy playing - not a lengthy game - downside is many of the challenges to earn prizes requires use of current tools to complete - like the new prize spin wheel Amazing!

  • bitsmith

    bitsmith Cookie jam I really like this game but I would get jam and do not have enough help or no money Great!