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يطهى لمدة الزبائن المطعم الأكثر لذيذ الطعام وكسب النقود!

( 80,321 )
الإصدار: 3.1.1
حجم: 48 MB


كنت تملك مطعم للوجبات السريعة وكان لديك لطهي وجبات لذيذة لعملائك.
في الوقت يمكنك ترقية أدوات الطبخ، المقلاة، صانع عصير وشراء حتى المطاعم الجديدة حتى تتمكن من الحصول على المزيد من الزبائن وكسب المزيد من المال.
المتعة الطبخ وجبات لذيذة في مطبخ المطعم الخاص بك لعملائك، وزيادة ميزانية التسويق الخاصة بك بحيث يكون لديك المزيد من العملاء من المطاعم الخاصة بك ويكون لها أدنى تأخير الوقت بين كل عميل، ورفع مستوى أدوات الطبخ وتحسين المهارات الخاصة بك! تظهر الكلمات من الناشر:
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تعليقات حول Cooking Stand Restaurant Game‏

  • Swatim

    Swatim Nice graphic but everything a kid can do is prescribed ina strict order, so it becomes quickly boring. Well done!!

  • efrenfaulkne49

    efrenfaulkne49 Cooking fever My dad finished it a long time ago. Its really hard! Some many stages. I'm staying up late every night until I finish it. Enjoy it!

  • tlkbeffbuih

    tlkbeffbuih Awesome game So fun but yet challenging. It is also very addictive in a good way so many fun levels a good game to play when you are bored at home i recommend downloading this game cause it is so much fun i promise! :) Not bad

  • eqoqrojwnq

    eqoqrojwnq Amazing I love cooking so I am into anything to involve cooking but we should be able to get as much food as we want because it will get to dumb Perfect

  • lcndt001

    lcndt001 Good game I loved dis game very much bt still i didn't played........very very very very very very very very very very very........,..................................very very very very very bad game Perfect

  • Dalmknila

    Dalmknila Awsome I LOVE it because it is not long to cook food .you get so many foods and restaurants and it is addictive Great!

  • feangolla

    feangolla The best game in the world who ever have written that some customer dose not give money they don't give money because when we dont give the same thing then they will not give us the best game in the world. Highly Recommend.

  • arindam57

    arindam57 KHUSHI This game is very good beautiful and I will have to do some work like make taste dish I LOVE THIS GAME. Works perfectly

  • unultStarne

    unultStarne Why wait ten seconds and some don't even give money While the customer was waiting I gave her some juice and I thought she would appreciate it (cuz that old nan was ma fav customer duh) but she took ten rupees from me. Very disappointed........... :( :( :( but it's still a fun game though. Amazing!

  • doxothitoCort

    doxothitoCort Settings... The settings don't work. I can't turn off the music. It just laps horribly with what I'm playing on spotify Marvelous

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