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خبز كعكة زفاف جميلة مع هذه اللعبة الطهي كبيرة!

( 12,870 )
الإصدار: 2.0.6


حفلات الزفاف يمكن أن تكون جميلة. خبز كعكة الزفاف أفضل من أي وقت مضى مع هذا كعكة الزفاف لعبة. تخلط المكونات وطهي كعكة لذيذة قبل تزيين مع الجليد لذيذ! لا ننسى أن أكسسوارات لجعلها فريدة من نوعها لحضور حفل زفاف! مع الكثير من الطبخ للقيام لماذا لا تستخدم المهارات الخاصة بك لخلق أفضل كعكة الزفاف مع هذه اللعبة الزفاف.

• اختيار المكونات ومزجها معا في وعاء.
• إضافة خليط الخاص بك إلى أطباق جاهزة للطهي.
• إضافة الصقيل الجليد على كعكة الخاص بك أثناء إنشاء مستويات مذهلة.
• اختيار و إضافة الجليد تصميم لجعل كعكة الخاص بك طعم رائع
• أكسسوارات مع قطع جميلة لجعل كعكة الخاص بك لتناسب أي حفل زفاف.


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تعليقات حول Cooking wedding cake

  • sendgiftsindia5

    sendgiftsindia5 Liked this game My daughters liked this game but wants some new dssign for the cakes.. If there would be more designs i will give five stars.. Please fix it.. Pretty good

  • coral188

    coral188 This is so cool an anyway I want to be a chef I am alday watching YouTube videos of how to cook cakes and stuff like that. :-* :-P :-* :-P :-* 5 star

  • janmirror

    janmirror Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this game Pretty good

  • cheejktmmmb

    cheejktmmmb I suggest... They should put more than one flavor but good game if they have more things and flavors in this game itll be better.i just lowered the rating because I just found out that u cant eat the cake Recommend

  • fagyjfwqwji

    fagyjfwqwji Its OK Its to boring and it does it all for u I don't like it but its OK for kids 5 or younger Cool

  • nudelo

    nudelo 5 yr old loves it As title says, 5 yr old enjoys the game. Older people complaining that its "boring" should perhaps contemplate their choice of apps and maybe stop going for games that are aimed for a younger audience? Worth it!

  • orewAssurry

    orewAssurry Love this game We love this game because it shows you how to make a wedding cake and also it shows you how to make other stitch aswell

  • dundeemike

    dundeemike Love it I love you because I can make my own wedding cake and it would be me I can make it my own one and I really like it but I also get really bored playing this game but my little niece loves playing so it's a good game if she likes playing it!......…………?

  • manuelnolton

    manuelnolton Not bad Cool, but if you give us to making own maybe i will give you 5 star . good luck guys .

  • jolly11

    jolly11 Oh Yeah boy This is cool I love baking so i do it everyday I know I'm only 7 but I do it with my mom i will make one this Saturday cause that is my birthday day

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