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تجربة أفضل لعبة الكريكيت في كامل HD 3D الرسومات.

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تجربة أفضل لعبة الكريكيت في كامل HD 3D الرسومات. يمكنك أن تلعب في مجموعة متنوعة من وسائط بما في ذلك البطولات، [أديس، مباريات T20 ومثيرة على غرار مباراة PowerPlay من.

كاملة لعبة الميزات:
- الرسومات 3d كاملة مع الرسوم المتحركة واقعية والفيزياء الكرة.
- مجموعة متنوعة من الرسوم المتحركة MOCAP.
- بسيطة التقاط ولعب ضوابط لالضرب والبولينج.
- ستة أماكن لافتة للنظر بما في ذلك مجلس اللوردات وحدائق عدن!
- وسائط متعددة اللعب التي تشمل المباراة سريعة، وراء البحار، وعشرون 20 والكأس عام 2009!
- تقديم فريدة من نوعها وضع الطاقة اللعب الضرب جديدة. يقدم درجاتك على الانترنت ومقارنتها مع الأصدقاء!
- ثمانية فرق دولية من الطراز العالمي للاختيار من بينها!
- كاميرات على غرار إذاعة التلفزيون!
- مشاهدة المصفقين الرقص على طلقات ويكت الخاص بك!

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تعليقات حول Cricket T20 Fever 3D‏

  • JeorgeMartin

    JeorgeMartin Game is good but it has various problems Problems are- (1) it automatically stops while playing (2) when more than one player goes out ,it shows only the name&score of the opening batsman on the screen (3) some times teams are also interchange (4) batsman can take singles but he cannot take doubles (5) sometimes batsman goes automatically runout without playing any shot. (6) bowling score card mention at the end of the game is also fake. But overall it's good time killer game but need lots of improvements Good

  • jjbhymqdlv

    jjbhymqdlv Cool This game awesome it is addictive but there is just one problem which is the players names thats all Worth it!

  • shahzaib97

    shahzaib97 Game experience Bcoz it has some error whenever I use to open it use to show that it suddenly stop Great!

  • getifyancenna

    getifyancenna Stupids advertisements The game is good but it shows ad all the time. And sometimes the game stops suddenly Brilliant

  • kelzoroyel

    kelzoroyel Tooooooooooooooooo good When i played the game for the first time,6 years ago. From that time i have won 9999 trophies. Fantastic

  • flora421125

    flora421125 Good but couldbe better Its good. But it could be better. Ther is some problem like cannt run more than 1, sometimes its closed automatic. Highly Recommend.

  • hiumrwsgou

    hiumrwsgou Needs improvement It's a good time pass game but many times when I start it, it displays the game has stopped Great job

  • bgrrwbap

    bgrrwbap Sura m mad Easy nice game but some errors occur fever has unfortunately stopped... Cool

  • gbivnpbfr

    gbivnpbfr I liked it but it is very easy to play I love it but it is very easy to play because,I did 403 runs in 20 overs! And I always out them in down 100 runs.And I always win by more than 200 runs!^_^ Marvelous

  • htrhyjfx

    htrhyjfx Nice Online system should be introduced like 8 ball pool game .so that we may compete with our frnds Fabulous!

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