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  • PAEveryday

    PAEveryday Excellent Excellent app, it's great but could I recommend separate forums for both sets of fans as well as one big comment section. Just that it would be interesting to here only my set of fans opinions without annoying trolls! Not bad

  • ducky123

    ducky123 Almost flawless! An excellent app, I've recommended it to all of my friends. Would love to see the MLS tables please and on a personal level, assists please. Also would it be possible to have the goalscorer in the push notification? Well done!!

  • Realtypro

    Realtypro Pretty cool but need to add more countries and their leagues... And if y'all can atleast give us some percentage for a team that would win a match or something... Worth it!

  • mohdhanis89

    mohdhanis89 awesome app love the new a sucker for material design. I'd suggest you add the option for customizable themes. then il give that last star Well done!!

  • MarsFotografo

    MarsFotografo Almost flawless! Am excellent app, I've recommended it too all of my friends. Would love to see the MLS tables please and on a personal level, assists please. Also would it be possible to have the goalscorer in the push notification? Superb!

  • serverdatarecovery

    serverdatarecovery Crowdscores I can't sign up, keeps saying connection problem while my mobile data is on, pls fix this, I am using a Samsung trend plus Awesome

  • maynardyork616

    maynardyork616 Nice and simple, but... Please add: 1) Option to hide comments tab 2) Assist providers 3) Formations 4) Club badges 5) and player pictures, if possible Just wow

  • inciongejn

    inciongejn Need improve Add table for the mls league and also voting before math for teams and also assist of players in timeline of match.. Well done!!

  • pantechpolycoats

    pantechpolycoats Very good.. but There's no favorite team option.... what if I want to follow only couple of teams Enjoy it!

  • zosilsusetlek

    zosilsusetlek Doesn't load. Saying no connectivity when I'm at home connected to the Internet. Slow loading aswell Marvelous

  • bypeprierse

    bypeprierse Direct Access It is a great app but can you put a direct access for the position table? Thanks Marvelous

  • clarissesouza

    clarissesouza Love it very reliable Best app for football fans who watch more then there favourite club and just overall great recommend :-)

  • ygqlwrxayxi

    ygqlwrxayxi YouTube Made me too After TWO SYNC and the Burnt Chip supported your approval, I downloaded your approval and It was very good! Seeing The Juventus v.s. Man city game now

  • zpybetwch

    zpybetwch Amazing Really fast alerts, has pretty much every club and international games, what more could you want?

  • krlctqbxtdu

    krlctqbxtdu Good but... It is amazing. I love being alble to tap the app and see the latest liverpool score but i wish i could look at charity games as well, i know it sounds stupid but i love charity games.

  • zbdatxvdsg

    zbdatxvdsg Awesome This is the best app ever. I just uninstalled my score mobile FC, live score and goal live apps.

  • abraham41welch

    abraham41welch Great app Updated review. 5 stars now as they implemented the changes to discussions that I didn't like before. Now my first choice for football scores. However, more in depth tables stating how many goals a team scores and concedes would be nice and I like to know that info. Well done!!

  • Smoorkevede

    Smoorkevede Good app Its a good app however I would like it if you could disable the discussions as they clog the match events. Omg

  • michaelsm

    michaelsm New Favourite Football Scores App I've tried numerous live score apps now and this is among the best. Most notable features include the live updating league tables that change as soon as a goal goes in in any game and the chat function. love it

  • ferhatsirin

    ferhatsirin Brilliant Love the new way of bringing scores to fans. This app deserves many more downloads! Good