Dan the Man: Action Platformer for Android

Halfbrick Studios
الممرات الرجعية المشاكس العمل في أفضل حالاتها من Halfbrick استوديوهات!
  • photographerlondon

    photographerlondon Great Another great app by these developers, it's a good game to pass time. The story mode is entertaining and the game play is unique Recommend

  • admawarne50

    admawarne50 Enjoying the game but confused Started playing the game but y am I starting from stage 8 idk what the story is for the game, I feel like I'm missing all the stages before 8 Worth it!

  • greenacresresort

    greenacresresort More Updates Pls!! Adding more features in this game will be better will give a five star until then :D! Worth a go!

  • highaccess

    highaccess Great game but couple issues. Only let's me play stage 8 and I payed for the premium, and Barry steak fries, figure when you pay for something you get the whole package, please fix. Other then that great game, a must have and very addictive! It's like a combination of metal slug, mario, contract and double dragon! Highly Recommend.

  • hvgxvu

    hvgxvu LEVEL NOT UPDATING I have almost finished the game and on the second last level i finished it but when i did it said my score and everything and it says that ive completed the levek but it won't let gi to the last night one it says its locked.GLITCH OR SOMETHINH PLEASE RESPOND Must have

  • Naomi_daky

    Naomi_daky Cool game bro I got a promble with the stage when ever i get pass stage 3 the next stage keep getting locked Well done!!

  • dlmcvela

    dlmcvela Rpg I have been in the game and I will not be able to get out of my chair it is not very tutorial but I love it Fabulous!

  • bnfogo

    bnfogo Lowered my rating from 4 to 3. The recent update erased a whole bunch of the achievements I got, and has made it impossible for me to redo. I buy something, but don't re-earn the buyer's remorse achievement. I can't level anything up in the dojo, getting that achievement, because I'm already leveled up all the way, and doing it for the new character didn't get me that achievement. There doesn't even seem to be a start over option for me to try to re-earn the achievements I lost in the update. Real pain. Worth a go!

  • MoniQJqed

    MoniQJqed GREAT GAME love the game lots of action adventure cool action scenes so sad that josie dies but great game Must have

  • stfmqlxgj

    stfmqlxgj Could use tighter controls Yeah. And it's a bit slow paced. But it's a free, well done platformer. Not many mobile games can say that. Recommend

  • ovynsqleall

    ovynsqleall I always get 'user data changed, needs to reload' what's happening there? It's annoying. The game itself is fun to play. When this game came out globally? I already ask via email you provide below but nevet get answer, for my problem nor the game launching date. Worth a go!

  • ImpusyImmussy

    ImpusyImmussy I always get 'user data changed, needs to reload' what's happening there? It's annoying. The game itself is fun to play Must have

  • LafExcelacoaf

    LafExcelacoaf Pretty good I would like it more if you didn't half to buy the premium pack for the checkpoints Enjoy it!

  • AssodoTib

    AssodoTib Should have been one off purchase Jump jump video. Punch punch video. Punch jump video. The game is quite fun standard platformer with basic combat. The incessant need to watch a video to save etc happen far too frequently. I'd hate to think how much data this would use if I wasn't on wifi Cool

  • Reilkigue

    Reilkigue Legit good game Controls are super tight, the mechanics are simple, and the level design is top notch. One gripe: I got this because I loved the story of the animations. But the ending gives no closure. Still, enjoyed the experience. Amazing!

  • topmakingmoneyideas

    topmakingmoneyideas Too bad... could be the best platformer on android, but is wasted by the ridiculous ad system. The biggest problem is not even watching the same ad 15 times per gameplay if you want any item or save your game, but that that ad has a 50% chance of crashing the game. So if you decide to save your game it could mean you lose all your progress. Can't count the times it happened. Well done!!

  • titattenettew

    titattenettew Can you add more skill moves because I have everything at max level and can you add more characters please Superb!

  • houmniseems

    houmniseems Good game play You can't move and start jumping if you fix I will rate 5 stars! My nickname is Dan The Man Not bad

  • wourausalry

    wourausalry Awesome game I had one problem when I got to episode 3 it glitched and I couldn't finish the level Good

  • IrrigVoto

    IrrigVoto Crashes I get to a spot then it crashes. Its always in the same spot. But other then that it good Marvelous