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Daylio تمكنك إلى حفاظ على مذكرات خاصة دون الحاجة لكتابة سطر واحد. جرب هذا التطبيق مصممة بشكل جميل، مذكرات الصغيرة الآن مجانا!

اختيار المزاج، وإضافة الأنشطة التي تم القيام خلال النهار. يمكنك أيضا إضافة ملاحظات والحفاظ على مذكرات المدرسة القديمة. Daylio بجمع المزاجية والأنشطة المسجلة في الإحصاءات والتقويم. وهذا شكل تساعدك على فهم العادات بشكل أفضل. تتبع الأنشطة الخاصة بك، وخلق أنماط لتصبح أكثر إنتاجية!

يمكنك مراجعة كافة الإدخالات في الإحصاءات على الخرائط أو التقويم.

لجعله أفضل Daylio يسمح لك:
★ استخدام قاعدة بيانات كبيرة من الرموز الجميلة للأنشطة الخاصة بك الشخصية
★ استكشاف إحصاءات مثيرة للاهتمام حول المزاج الخاص والأنشطة على الرسوم البيانية الشهرية أو السنوية
★ تخصيص أسماء المزاجية
★ بأمان النسخ الاحتياطي واستعادة إدخالات من خلال لانفراد في Google Drive
★ تذكير مجموعة وننسى أبدا لخلق ذاكرة
★ تشغيل قفل PIN والحفاظ على المداخل الخاصة بك آمنة
★ ثيقة تصدير CSV لطباعة المداخل الخاصة بك

نحن نعتز خصوصيتك. Daylio لا تخزن أي من البيانات الشخصية الخاصة بك. أنها تماما تحت سيطرتك.
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تعليقات حول Daylio - Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker

  • PediatricAssociates

    PediatricAssociates Clean.. Lovely... Easy to use... Good interface... ☝ One more thing. This app has made me feel grateful every single day... Fantastic

  • cherylatcorporater

    cherylatcorporater Bed I have tried.. I have experimented with a few of these types of mood monitoring apps and this one his ticks the boxes.... It's simple and yet derailed.. Very good.. :) Worth it!

  • creditinternational

    creditinternational Great app! This is a great app to keep up with your moods if you have bpd or if youre bipolar, or if you have any mental illness with a symptom of mood swings. I only wish you could add pictures to your entries. Other than that i think its pretty great. love it

  • bestoplingerie

    bestoplingerie Well done! Works for me...simple and useful. I bought the paid version. No brainer. Inexpensive and offers ad-free and multiple times to record your mood throughout the day. The one thing that should be included, is a simple way to create a list of medications that one is taking and the ability to easily see as meds are changed (dates, medications, dosages, etc.). This would allow for recording and tracking mood changes). And maybe throw in a medical dictionary. Way nice. Thanks!! Worth it!

  • designedright

    designedright Great app Does what it says. Not to sure on the privacy. Would be my only worry even thou it comes with a pw feature can the company developers access my notes? Omg

  • idolin82

    idolin82 Lost data Still loving the app, however, I was forced to do a factory reset and didn't have months worth of entries backed up :( would like to see an auto backup as I lost a lot of stats and journal entries. wow lol

  • samsongulou

    samsongulou Good but could be improved I lost a lot of data when I changed phones as it is not clear you have to back up periodically until you lose the data. Also wished it tracked when the weather was good automatically as the sun improves my mood. I've had to create a task for "Sun" Recommend

  • JJohnson

    JJohnson Excellent customisation! I like being able to choose moods and activities. The only thing I'd like to change is allowong for individual entries to be graphed, rather than only averaging the day's worth of moods. Just wow

  • skythale

    skythale This has helped me soo much!!! You can discover what days you're really sad and for what reasons and how you can make them better by looking at your better days! It's also a great way to keep track of what you've done in different months and a great way to look at how you've improved!! One of the best/Helpful apps I've used. No major down sides to this app that I know of, no crashes, no pop ups, only 'bad' thing about this app is the ads but I don't really mind it because it's a banner and not a pop up! Works perfectly

  • kimvalerio05

    kimvalerio05 Perfect for Basic Mood Tracking If you make a point to include bad habits in your list of activities it can also be used to figure out what sorts of behaviors negatively effect your mood. Very helpful, especially for people with emotional instability. Enjoy it!

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