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Ivan Volosyuk.

معرفة كيفية استخدام مساحة تخزين بطاقة

( 39,041 )
الإصدار: 4.0.2
حجم: 181.5 KB


** المستخدمين OnePlus3، من فضلك اطلب من المطورين لإصلاح نظام التشغيل الخاصة بهم: **

يوفر DiskUsage وسيلة للعثور على الملفات والدلائل على بطاقة التخزين التي تستهلك الكثير من المساحة.

يعرض الرسم البياني مع الدلائل / الدلائل يتناسب مع حجمها.

اضغط على القائمة للإجراءات.

يتكامل مع منظمة أوكسفام الدولية فيليماناغر ومستكشف الصلبة.

إذا فشل البرنامج أو يعطي لكم من رسالة خطأ الذاكرة - يرجى الاتصال بي. شكر.

مصدر متوفرة تحت رخصة حرة (GPL-2)

كلمات البحث: الفضاء البصري على فلاش ذاكرة التخزين SDCARD مجلد الدليل الملف الداخلي التنمية المستدامة xdu xdiskusage spacemonger ينديرستت الباوباب تخزين نظافة الفضاء

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تعليقات حول DiskUsage‏

  • mannapa

    mannapa Tried to install and got the "insufficient storage" message and that I should free up space. Damnit, DiskUsage, that's what I'm trying to use you for!

  • ycqngk888

    ycqngk888 This app showed me that I accidentally had Google Music cache any music I listened to into the internal storage. There was about 3 GB of files I didn't know where they came from until I used this app. It's a tie between this and SD Maid that are my most useful system apps.

  • conimance

    conimance Awesome app I particularly love the pinch to zoom in and out to see details... so powerful and intuitive ! Impressive !! Perfect!

  • SMSoftware

    SMSoftware This is a high quality app This app is really good at seeing what drains your memory and it helps you see what you need to delete to free memory. :))) Omg

  • forexabcs

    forexabcs Must have app Most only display file not folder size. This one however does it with easy navigation & root access. So simple, so effective. Well done!!

  • qqwkkuisddj

    qqwkkuisddj Must have app... To keep an eye on where the space is being used. I recovered 10GB because an app was putting all deleted files in recycle bin and I had no idea. . Awesome

  • aujanni

    aujanni Perfect little utility! In seconds helped me figure out where all my space on my phone was being wasted so I could fix it! I highly recommend this super quick super easy utility! Omg

  • americanatermiteco

    americanatermiteco Best disk manager! I'm running marshmallow. You need to have me allow access to the SD card in order to delete files from it. Please update the app to allow that Fabulous!

  • Notes2

    Notes2 Only took seconds to clear over two gig of space taken up. I had spent several hours trying to clear out trash, but I guess I missed this one app (download manager was using it). Muito bom!

  • GromovAndy

    GromovAndy I LOVE this app On every device I get, I always go straight to this storage analyzer. Super awesome interface! wow lol

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