الدلافين خلفيات حية for Android

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  • laptopnew2012

    laptopnew2012 سبحان الذى خلق الازواج كلها مما تنبت الارض ومن انفسهم ومما لا يعلمون ممتاز

  • rbclegalconsultancy

    rbclegalconsultancy Pretty So beautiful and pretty dolphins are my favorite sea animal

  • BlesDevyDek

    BlesDevyDek Love Dolphins I really love dolphins so I think it will be really nice for me to have this as my wallpaper and I also love blue alot

  • Drypetell

    Drypetell Live Wallpaper with the Delphins. Dolphins my most loved mammals. Intelligent, close relationships with human- kind, protect them, love them, heal them if they hurt.

  • dgvljjqwoc

    dgvljjqwoc I like it I really like it as I'm a big fan of dolphins and my nick names dolphin but it says it's live but they are actually normal wall papers and adds always randomly pop up but apart from these its good and I think the pictures are nice tho there are only five Recommend

  • steroidmall

    steroidmall Love because in love qith dolphins I guys like dolphins!?please say so please dolphins so amazing:-) :-) :-) :-) Just wow

  • brockparker1128

    brockparker1128 Wallpapers I love it so much that I just had to download it on my tablet as well as I've already down loaded it on my new phone. Brilliant

  • erikcortez1021

    erikcortez1021 LOVE IT!!! I'm a Dolphin collector and for me this is a great addition to my phone collection !!!!! Only thing is I wish they were moving!!! Highly Recommend.

  • 125643216

    125643216 Kate I love dolphins and this app has increased my love of dolphins rapidly. It is amazing how they can glide through the water effortlessly and how they can go hundreds of miles an hour with a simple flick of their tails Marvelous