Doodle Jump‏ for Android

Lima Sky LLC
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  • sparkle2

    sparkle2 It kinda really sucks So I really like the original doodle jump thing and I was just messing around with the features of the game and I changed the theme to Halloween but now I can't change it back Update: I figured out how to change it! All you have to do is swipe the very bottom of your screen until you find the one you want Works perfectly

  • dyebouttocoft

    dyebouttocoft But wait... i didnt give 5 stars?!?! Why?! Cus there is a glitch. I cant buy anything further then halloween. Things after halloween shows as halloween. Fix it and it would be +1 star Awesome

  • ridhomuslim

    ridhomuslim Ads It's a great game and all and it deserves 5stars but my one complaint is that there are to many ads every time you die there's an ad so unless your really good like me and average 2,0000 every time there's going to be a lot of ads Pretty good

  • Pythagoras_CRM

    Pythagoras_CRM Fun game My one complaint is the shooting mechanic, which is only accurate if you are in the middle of the screen. Worth it!

  • delhelly

    delhelly It is the most amazing dootle jump It is way more fun than it looks but the only crap thing is that when u turn u go outside the mapbye guys my bame is jett Worth a go!

  • PhotoFacialinDubai

    PhotoFacialinDubai Loved it!!!! Very addictive.... cool game.... when I installed it I played it continuesly for 1 theme is very amazing.... I love it! Go well

  • tasnelson26

    tasnelson26 Doodle jump This app is fun i love the Halloween theme because it has my favorite character the clown costume also I got all the characters on the ninja theme!!! And I like the soccer theme because it has monsters from different countries Cool

  • vulcanhall

    vulcanhall Nice Its fun and very easy but updated whiped my coins and other characters characters and to many ads and its f***** same one every time i go out of game snd back in to skip dem Muito bom!

  • cheapghd12

    cheapghd12 Not such a Fantastic game like clash of clans most of the work is done by the game itself and too many ads not a challenging game Worth a go!

  • cheapoakleys

    cheapoakleys This game is amazingly awesome You can change the background just by swiping the bottom of the menu and you even get to change the costume in every different setting you go to. I really don't know what every that comment on this really knows what there talking about. Everyone put 1 or 2 starts, as if.......I'd put 555555555 if i could. Awesome

  • alicesandra

    alicesandra It's cool I liked how there were diferent maps and character although there's no multiplayer please add it Good

  • fortune4life

    fortune4life Love it It is a game that everyone should play it is great fun and it is not goiing to be boring!!!!! I love the new features! Those missions and stuff! I love this game Amazing!

  • Gellagegibe

    Gellagegibe Awesome! But some disadvantages I love this game its so adicting, the only thing is there is a lot of ad's and I cant find out how to change the theme... :( Over all its my favorite game on my phone! (I have a lot of apps on my phone) Good

  • Entaituript

    Entaituript Classic Quality game, addictive, quick, increasing difficulty with hours of fun. Best way to kill spare time 5 star

  • 8seoonekenobz

    8seoonekenobz So fun and challenging This game is fun and you get to play with other users subscribe zak Kornick on youtube Brilliant

  • IsaiahHughes

    IsaiahHughes Great game... But I love Doodlejump, but after today's update, it wiped out all my coins on all levels, and reset the upgrades and costumes I've bought. If i played the free version I understand, but I have bought the game, so I feel I have reason to want to have all these back. Surprisingly

  • amjath

    amjath Doodle jump Actually a waste of time , but I like it. People complain about ads and they won't spend a couple of bucks. I've got no sympathy for them. They negotiate with stars but its money that keeps a company running. S4 I 9500 (Rooted) Well done!!

  • Edith_Geds

    Edith_Geds Fun, but too many ads It usually doesn't bother me, but when it's after everytime I open the game or try again it gets very very annoying. Works great

  • Mercy_trum

    Mercy_trum This game is great! I just wish there was an option to take away vibrate whenever you hit a monster. love it

  • computer

    computer Life game This game all can compare with thier own job career... Peacefully it stats. Slowly will understand what are the hurdles we are going to face.. step by step achievement.. Understanding and avoiding enemies.. Using opportunities to reach high.. And if we are not careful everything is over!! :-( Well done!!